3-18-2013ARRS6550WWTechGAoven would not heat up, now will not come on at all.
3-18-2013ARTS6650EDonna JeanPAControl panel just stopped working, stove top works fine but not clock or oven.
3-18-2013ACS4250ACMarkPAOven not heating.
3-15-2013ACS4250AWRachaelMIRequesting replacement housing and overly. No complaint w* electronics.
3-15-2013ACS4250ABKeithIAoven wont heat
3-15-2013ACS4250ACTechORNo power to board.
3-14-2013ACS4250ACLarryWIOven will not work.
3-14-2013ARTS6651RickWINo display, no oven functions. Intermittent at first.
3-14-2013ARRS6550WWJimCOno lights, blank display
3-14-2013ACS4350AWDonTNTimer function not working.
3-13-2013ART6522CCKeithWAIt beeps #72 & turns on clean mode
3-13-2013ARTS6651EScottMIOven shuts off during operation. Timer and clock run intermittently.
3-13-2013ART6511LLCaraWIunit will not turn on, no power to unit
3-12-2013ACS4250ABOwenVAbake & broil wont work. elements never heat. temp readout doesnt change.
3-12-2013ACS4250ABDonaldPAAfter power failure board dead.
3-12-2013ARTS6650WWTedMICustomer's oven stopped working.
3-12-2013ARH6710ELynnTNDisplay stopped working as well as the oven.
3-11-2013ACS4250AWJeffMNOven doesn't heat.
3-11-2013ACS4250ABJeffGAOven not heating.
3-11-2013ART6510WWArnieWALock flashing.
3-8-2013ARR6400WWBruceIDDown button stuck activated. Board was in fire.
3-8-2013ARTS6650WWSueIN"board fried" unresponsive
3-8-2013ART6610WWTechFLDead display.
3-8-2013ARRS6550LLTechGABoard not heating.
3-7-2013ARRS6550EKerryALOven won't heat, shuts off early in bake mode. Broil does not heat.
3-7-2013ACS4250ACJohnMANo bake or broil, defaults to 100 deg.
3-7-2013ARTS6650WWTechUTwon't go into bake, when set to 350 jumps to 700 degrees.
3-7-2013ARTC7511WWTechAZNo display, no keypad action.
3-6-2013ACS4250ACGordonWIbottom bake element isnt heating. oven wont reach above 170
3-6-2013ACS4250ACTechPAoven will not bake
3-6-2013ART6510WWTechGAOven not coming on, board has inner short.
3-5-2013ARTS6650ETechTXno display, no reaction to button presses
3-5-2013ART6510WWDebbieTXCut power line fried board.
3-5-2013ACS4250ACCharlesMINot heating properly Initially heats then won t heat again goes dead
3-5-2013AC027DE1SusanKYUpper oven doesn't work at all, lower oven works part of the time.