3-12-2013GSS25IFPAWWBrentNECompressor not coming on.
3-12-2013GSS25XSRESSReedWANot controlling temperature.
3-12-2013GSS20IEPJWWDavid P.LANot dispensing. Voltage drop on supply.
3-12-2013PDW22SISBRSSTechHICondenser fan won't run.
3-11-2013PSI23NCPABBTechHIfreezing food in the refrigerator
3-11-2013TechTX12 GE Fridge boards, rebuild as necessary.
3-11-2013GSL25IGREJonathonTXRefurb. Rush.
3-11-2013TechHICondenser fan runs slow. Note this model has dispensers with no custom cools features.
3-8-2013PFS22SISBSSLyndaWAPlease Rebuild
3-8-2013TechTXOHA d*o and p*u, rebuild 10 boards.
3-8-2013GSS25SGSDSSAlbertFLNo ice, warm both sides.
3-8-2013PSF26N6TDBBTechTXIntermittent not cooling.
3-7-2013PDW22SISBRSSTechHIControls don't work on refrigerator side.
3-7-2013TechNJ4 GE fridge motherboards.
3-7-2013GSH25JSRFSSTechTXIntermittent not cooling.
3-7-2013PSS25MGNAJohnNCFreezer not cooling well.