3-13-2013JBP76GS1WWMichaelILNo bake power after element shorted.
3-13-2013JBP26G1SamNYBoard taken out in power surge.
3-12-2013JBP76GS1WWStanleyFLOven control not working.
3-12-2013JBP456S1ADHaroldMOOven will not work. Won't turn on, stopped working suddenly.
3-12-2013JBP45AS1ADRobert DWIOven cook time controls not working. Display segments light unevenly.
3-12-2013JBP26GS1WHDarylWVblank display, no bake or broil
3-11-2013JBP76G71WWTechILBoard will not power up.
3-11-2013JBP26GS1TimOHOven control not working.
3-11-2013JBP26GS1ADJohn WCTUnresponsive. Shipped without plastic frame.
3-11-2013JBP24GV1WHTechVAoven turns on by itself
3-8-2013JBP45ASAnnOHIntermittent broiler and display.
3-8-2013JBP25GV1WWTechPABoard not responding
3-8-2013JBP76GV1JohnGAOven not heating.
3-8-2013JBP76GS1SteveFLOven and broiler not turning on.