3-13-2013JBP90WS2WMarilynKYOven and display do not work. Followed up with transformer received on *2.
3-13-2013JBP90WS1WWRonald A.PR1. Oven will not operate. 2. Beeps and alternates between Bake and Probe on display.
3-13-2013JBP90WS1CliffordFLOven shuts off.
3-13-2013JBP90TomMITouch pad controls not working.
3-12-2013JBP90WS1WWRaulFLOven won't reach temperature.
3-12-2013JBP90WS1WWBillFLF1 Error and beeps.
3-12-2013JBP90WS1WWDavidMDOven shuts off.
3-12-2013JBP90WS2WWPeterINOven won't reach temperature.
3-11-2013JBP90WS1WWAlMEOven won't heat, clock won't keep time.
3-11-2013JBP90WS2JerryCAOven does not heat on bake broil or convection.
3-11-2013JBP9WS1JamesFLOven won't heat to temp, F-code on display.
3-11-2013JBP90W52WWRockyNCRelays click off before getting up to temperature.