4-5-2013JTP11WP3WGDavidWACustomer reports oven not reaching temperature. F1 error code. Replaced temp probe.
4-5-2013JTP11WS2WGTechTXOven not heating, control board not responding.
4-5-2013JTP11WP1WGTechMADisplay goes blank after being on for 5 minutes
4-4-2013JTP10GPJohn TXnone of oven controls work due to oven disuse for several years.
4-4-2013JTP10GS3BGNewtLAWon't heat properly.
4-4-2013JTP10GS2BGNancy E.VAF1 Error.
4-4-2013JTP10GS3BGSandra J.SCF1 and F2 Error.
4-3-2013JTP10GS3BGMikeTXOven turns off intermittently.
4-3-2013JTP11WP2WGChristopherFLOven not heating properly. Temperature sensor included for checking.
4-3-2013JTP11WS3WGTechTXDoesn't control temperature properly.
4-3-2013JTP10GPErnestTXOven not heating.
4-2-2013JTP11WS2WGJimORWill not reach temperature.
4-2-2013JTP10GP3BGTechCATemperature is off by 100 to 150 degrees. If set for 350, it cycles off at 200.
4-2-2013JTP11WS1WGJulio ZFLIntermittent F1 w*beeps.
4-2-2013JTP11WPJohnPAF2 error code. Broil overheats, sometime Bake shuts off.
4-1-2013JTP10GP3BGCoralieMOF1 Error.
4-1-2013JTP11WGRudyTXWill not Bake.
4-1-2013JTP-10MartinNMOven will not heat.
4-1-2013JTP11WS3WGAndrewNCWon't reach temperature, showed F2 error. Expedite return shipping.
3-29-2013BillTXWon't reach temperature.
3-29-2013JTP10GP1BGSarah TNEF1 and beeps, intermittent.
3-29-2013JTP10GP2BGGeraldNJF1 error code.
3-29-2013JTP11WP3WGTechCAF2 - F3 error codes.
3-28-2013JTP10GS1BGLouisFLOven started by not coming up to temperature later threw an F1 error code. Don't know if it could be touchpad or not.
3-28-2013JTP10LenPAWon't reach temperature.
3-28-2013JTP11WS3WGTechTXOven cycles on but doesn't cycle off.
3-28-2013JTP10GP2BGEdwardILOven does not get up to temp.
3-27-2013JTP11WS3WGRodneyTXOven will not reach temperature.
3-27-2013JTP11WP3WGDominickNYOven won't reach temp.
3-27-2013JTP11WP1WGDavidGAShort cycles on bake.
3-27-2013JTP10GS3BGJerryCAoven and broiler works; F1 error and beeping
3-26-2013JTP10GP3BGNickWAOven won't reach temperature.
3-26-2013JTP10GS1BGMarkTXBake and broil sometimes stay on. Cooling fan stays on.
3-26-2013JTP11WS2WGStanleyCAOven won't heat.
3-26-2013JTP10GS3BGMarjorie L.MDF1 and won't heat properly.
3-25-2013JTP10GP3BGMichaelMIShort cycles, will not maintain temperature.
3-25-2013DennisMIOven won't reach temperature.
3-25-2013JTP10GP1BGMarcCOOven will not come up to temperature.
3-25-2013JTP10GS3BGRonINWon't reach proper temperature.
3-22-2013JTP11WP1WGAnnetteVInot heating
3-22-2013JTP10GP1BGEricCABake and broil start but shut off.
3-22-2013JTP11WSMelvin G.MissouriOven fails to reach temperature by about 100 F.
3-22-2013JTP11WPTechFLtemp does not cycle correctly
3-21-2013JTP11WS2WGJeffCAGradual degradation, F1 error.
3-21-2013JTP10GP2BGTerriMIDoes not reach temperature.
3-21-2013RichCAF1 error code. Broke small plastic handle, need replacement or return.
3-21-2013JTP10GP1BGDavidNYF1 Error.
3-20-2013JTP11WP3WGTechCAShuts off early, not reaching temp.
3-20-2013JTP10GS3BGRayIAF1. sent board and keypad
3-20-2013JTP11WS1WGColonelMIF1 error code.
3-20-2013JTP11WS3WGRobertCAOven will not get all the way up to temp.
3-19-2013JTP11WS3WGRandalMIF1 error code.
3-19-2013JTP11WP2WGRudyTXused self clean & unit is unresponsive now-- blank display, buzzer quit & oven isnt responding to commands
3-19-2013JTP10GP3BGTechWIError code F3
3-19-2013JTP10GP3BGCharles MNCWon't reach temperature, shuts off right away.
3-18-2013JTP11WP1WGUniversalCADoes not come on at all. Shipped w*keypad.
3-18-2013JTP10GSNealWAOven will not come up to temperature.
3-18-2013JTP11WP1WGTechILBoard is broken
3-18-2013JTP11WP3WGJoanFL""When selecting temp
3-15-2013IrvinTXWon't reach temperature.
3-15-2013JTP11WSTimCAWill not reach temperature.
3-15-2013JTP10GP3BGC JMIF1 Error.
3-14-2013JTP10GP3BGTechTXwill not heat, drops out of bake mode
3-14-2013JTP10GP3BGLindaCTF1 error, heating problems, need wiring diagram. Shipped w*keypad.
3-14-2013JTP10GS3BGKenneth J.GAOven will not come up to temperature.
3-13-2013JTP11WP1WGTechPAwont heat beyond 200 degrees
3-13-2013JTP10GSJacqelineNYF1 Error.
3-13-2013JTP11WP3WGTechWABad power relay, bake or broil won't work.
3-13-2013JTP11WP3WGBruceCAF1 error code.
3-12-2013JTP10GP1BGSteveMOnot holding temp
3-12-2013JTP11WP1WGSheilaWAnot heating to temp, has a new probe
3-12-2013MarkLAF1 error.
3-12-2013JTP10GSLloydFLNo bake.
3-11-2013JTP11WS2WGMarkFLWont go above 280 degrees
3-11-2013IrvinTXWon't reach temperature.
3-11-2013JTP10GP3BGAllenMATemp way off.When it says it is at 350 actually about 125.
3-11-2013JTP11WS3WGTechNYF1, not programmable
3-8-2013JTP11WPBobCAOven resets itself after programming Bake or Broil modes.
3-8-2013JTP106S3BGTechINDisplay fades then turns off whole oven
3-8-2013JTP11WS2WWJohnMIF1 error code.
3-7-2013JTP10GS2BGTechTNbake mode isnt working
3-7-2013JTPHWS2WGMonicaCAF1 error code. Megan quoted $95.
3-7-2013JTP10GS2BGBillCAF1 Error.
3-7-2013JTP11WP3WGJoeILShuts off early.
3-6-2013JTP10GS3BGSergeNYF1 and beeps.
3-6-2013JTP10GP3BGSamIDOven not heating. Out of town *4 to *2 will call on return.
3-6-2013SteveCAWon't reach temperature.
3-6-2013JTP11S3WGNamiyeCAWon't reach temperature.
3-5-2013JTP11WP3WGRussellLAF1 Error, intermittent operation.
3-5-2013JTP11WS3WGTechCAAt startup temp shows 220 when the oven is at room temp.
3-5-2013JTP10GP3BGMaryCAOven not heating properly. Temperature sensor was replaced.
3-5-2013JTP10GP1BGBryan MOintermittently turns on & off. turns off on its own
3-4-2013JTP11WP3WGTechMIno power to bake element
3-4-2013JTP11WS3WGConstanceTXWon't reach temperature.
3-4-2013JTP10GP3BGBrian L.OKOven won't reach temperature.
3-4-2013JTP10GS2BGPeterCAWon't reach temperature.
3-1-2013JTP11WP2WGGaryMS150 degrees off, displays wrong temp
3-1-2013JTP10G5BGAndrewNYF1 error code.
3-1-2013JTP10GS2BGDavidNCOven will not come up to temperature.
3-1-2013JTP11WS2WGJohnTXTemp way off.