3-18-2013JTP56AWGeneCOF7 error, now dead.
3-18-2013JTP56W0W1WWThomasAZBoard was previously repaired, worked fine but was accidentally damaged. Sent 2 boards as before.
3-15-2013JTP56W0W1WWThomasAZF4, door locked, lower broiler problem. 2 boards, use best one for repair and return both.
3-15-2013JTP56WW2WWScottVALower oven won't heat or boil. Heating element and limit switch have been replaced. Also F7 error.
3-15-2013JTP56WPeteTNBottom oven will not heat, found burned out connection on board.
3-15-2013JTP56Ed and BarbaraCONew board to replace unrepairable board.