3-18-2013JTP54GV288GwynFLWont heat above 100 degrees, gives an error when self cleaning, clock wont operate, lower over broil doesnt work
3-18-2013JTP55WDTechAZTop oven shuts off by itself.
3-18-2013JTP56A0V1AATechTXBottom oven shuts off.
3-18-20139114115559George W.NCF1 during and after self clean.
3-15-20139114115959TraciFLF1 intermittent beeps.
3-15-2013JTP54G0V2BBGraceNYBroil but no bake on upper oven.
3-15-2013JTP55W0V1WWJillCAF1 Error.
3-15-2013ZET756GV1BBTimNJUpper oven does not reach temperature.
3-14-2013JTP44G0V1BBHowardILOven shuts off. J7 sparked to J6.
3-14-2013J. L.ALBottom oven F1, top oven shuts off.
3-14-2013JTP56A0V1AARichardVAF1 error.
3-14-201391141155590RobertFLIntermittent F1.
3-13-2013JTP54GV2BBJeriFLtouchpad malfunctioning. same w* control.
3-13-2013JTP44G0V1BBDickPAlower oven over heats when you turn on self cleaning it over heats
3-13-2013JTP45WV1WWTechCAno upper broiler
3-13-20139114115559FredTXIntermittent and non functional operations Very thorough analysis see customer sheet
3-12-2013JTP44G0V1BBGeraldLAF1 error code. Would like overnight return shipping.
3-12-2013JTP54G0V2BBRustyTXClock shows time, beeps every 30 seconds, no oven button response.
3-12-2013JTP54GDV2BBRonLAF2 code, oven over heated during self clean.
3-11-2013JTP55W0V1WWPatrickTXovens not holding temp
3-11-2013JTP45W0V2WWSandraILUpper oven not heating. Also, the Clock and Cooktime keys not working properly. Keypad no-longer-available.
3-11-2013JKP55W0T2WWJimKYKeypad and control sent. Problems with both.
3-11-2013JKP55GLKevinCAUpper oven turns off early.
3-8-2013JTP55W0V2WWTechCALower oven quit working some time ago. Now top oven doesn't work after 5 minutes.
3-8-2013JTP44GVMarianneflbroiler and self clean not working on upper oven
3-8-2013TomCALower oven shuts off early.
3-8-2013JTP45W0V1WWTechCAUpper won't bake, lower intermittent.
3-7-2013JTP44G0V1BBTechTXTop oven relay is not turning on.
3-7-2013911411555900ToddWAF1 error. Keypad subsequently provided.
3-7-2013JTP55WV1WWEdNCF1 error code
3-7-20139114115559John T.GAIntermittent F1. Keypad included.
3-6-2013JTP54V0V2BBJamesWAIntermittent beeping.
3-6-2013JTP55WV2WWMoniqueCAF1 error code, intermittent. Shipped keypad later.
3-6-2013JTP56AV1AALynneORupper oven, after reaching 100 unit shuts off.
3-6-2013JTP55WV2WWMichelleMDUp*down arrows not working.
3-5-2013JTP45BillCTClock and lights in oven work. All others are out.
3-5-2013JTP55W0V2WalterOHUpper and lower oven will not come on at all.
3-5-2013JTP55WV2WWRussCAF1 Error.
3-5-2013JTP55WV2WWJoseph NJTop oven suddenly stopped working on bake*convection. Broil still works.