3-13-2013ZEK756GP7BGTechFLF1 error
3-13-2013VM2403290TechTXF1 Error Code.
3-12-2013JKP55W0T2WWTechFLWhen either oven is selected to bake, ovens work properly for about 2 minutes before display resets back to time and ovens go off.
3-12-2013JKP55WV1WWTechNYstarts to heat and then shuts off
3-12-2013JKP55W0T2WWRoyTNF1. can clear w* keypad. Ran test procedure: power on, cleared f1, disconnected ribbon, F1 did NOT reappear.
3-12-2013JKP56A0V1AASheaKYShuts off by itself. Return next day air.
3-11-2013JKP54GV1BBKatherineTNconvection broil element wont work
3-11-2013JKP54GT2BBJamesTXF7 and F1 codes. Damaged keypad membrane connector tail.
3-11-2013JKP55W0T2WWJoePATemperature probe inoperative. Upper oven not reaching temp. Erattic cooking now on both ovens.
3-8-2013911.4803592DougWIUpper oven door locked shut and will not open.
3-8-2013JKP55WV1WWRalphCAunits only stay on for a few seconds before shutting off
3-8-2013BrendaAZError code 71. On bake setting, both upper and lower elements start then turn off immediately.
3-8-2013JKP54G0V1BBTimCAIntermittent F1 Error on upper oven Upper oven seems to be running about 75 deg hot