3-18-2013JKP45WV1WWTechILShuts off by itself.
3-15-2013JKP45WV1WWAndrewCTLower oven does not heat up at all, all other functions o.k.
3-15-2013JKP45W0P3WGTechCALower oven short cycles.
3-15-2013JKP44G0V1BBRalph G.INIntermittent operation.
3-14-2013JKP45W0T1WWRobertCAOven won't come on.
3-14-2013JKP45W0P3WGTechILShort cycles on lower oven.
3-14-2013JKP45WV1WWKenCAF1 Error.
3-14-2013JKP45W0P3WGDavidOHTop element not heating.
3-13-2013JKP45WT MinhVAF1 error and beeps.
3-13-2013JKP44GP4BGMartyALupper oven shuts off before heating to temp.
3-13-2013ZEK755WP3WGTechCAShuts off after 30 sec.
3-12-2013JKP44G0P4BGKirkFLUpper and Lower Ovens shut off early.
3-12-2013AlanNJF1 Error.
3-12-2013JKP44GT1BBDr. GaryMDUpper element sparked out. K4 burned.
3-12-2013JKP44G0T2BBTechTXTop oven temp beyond calibration.
3-11-2013JKP45W0P3WGZakirFLUpper oven shuts off by itself.
3-11-2013JKP45WP3WGTechTXTurns off by itself.
3-11-2013JKP44GP4BGMikeFLOven shuts off after being on for about 2 minutes, doesn't get up to temperature.
3-11-2013JKP44GV1BBTechNClower oven isnt baking or broiling-- preheats to 100 and then shuts off
3-8-2013JKP54G0V1BBMikeMOF1 Error.
3-8-2013ZEK755P3WGTechCAUpper and Lower Ovens shut off early.
3-8-2013JKP45WP3WGEricaMNF1 error code code.
3-8-2013JKP45W0V1WWDavid LARError code, not working.
3-7-2013JKP45W0T2WWJoeMDIntermittent F1 and shuts off.
3-7-2013ZEK755WP3WGPatCAUpper oven shuts off by itself.
3-7-2013TonyTXF1 error code.
3-6-2013JKP45W0P3WGDanielVAF1 error.
3-6-2013JKP44GV1BBKenTNblank display. wont operate
3-6-2013JKP45WV1WWBruceCAShuts off by itself.
3-6-2013JKP45WV1WWBruceCAShuts off by itself.
3-5-2013ZEK755WP5WGRonAZF7 error, keypad has been tested.
3-5-2013JKP44G0P4BGRobertTXUpper oven not working.
3-5-2013JKP45W0V1WWCarrieTXTop oven turns off during pre-heat, bottom oven works fine.
3-5-2013ZEK755WP3WGTechCAdrops out of mode after one minute - no lower bake