3-12-2013JKP17W0T2WWGeorgeOKWon't heat up. Transformer not ohming out. Tried to resolder.
3-12-2013JKP17WV1WWTechSCcontrol shuts off after started
3-12-2013ZEK734GP3BGTechAZNeither bake nor broil relay will close.
3-12-2013JKP16GT2BBJimOHF1 error code.
3-11-2013JKP18A0VIAARobertNMF1 Error
3-11-2013JKP17W0V1WWKathyCOF4 Error, not heating. Replaced temperature probe.
3-11-2013JKP18AVIAABryanOHF1 error code.
3-11-2013JKP17W0V1WWTechTXOven randomly turns off
3-8-2013ZEK734GP3BGTechCANot coming on.
3-8-2013JKP16G0V1BBDanWAF2 error code.
3-8-2013JKP16GP2BGRaymondMIF1 error, doesnt reach set temperature
3-7-2013JKP17W0T1WWJerryGASet to 350, goes to 100 then shuts off.
3-7-2013JKP18A0T2AADunnTNF2 error code.
3-7-2013JKP17W0T2WWDoakTXWon't heat up. Shuts off early.
3-7-2013JKP17W0V1WWPeterMEProbe flashing. Oven won't shut off.