3-27-2013JTP13GVTechTXover heating. already replaced sensor. sometimes lose display
3-27-2013JTP13GV2BBJanicePAF1, F3 error codes, oven shuts off.
3-27-2013JTP14W0V1WWTechSCLock turns all the time.
3-26-2013JTP14W0V2WWCelestePAF3 error.
3-26-2013JTP13GV2BBLauraWAconstant buzzing. inconsistent temp when baking. throws error code (e1?) when trying to self-clean
3-26-2013JTP14W0V2WWGelnnTXDropped off @ OHA, ship back. Oven will not heat.
3-26-2013JTP14BillTXNo heat.
3-25-2013JTP14WV2WWCarlTXoven dies in the middle of cooking.
3-25-2013JTP14WT1WWTechFLBlank Display
3-25-2013JTP14W0V2WWTechSCWon't bake, goes dead.
3-22-2013AdamTXHeating element won't start.
3-22-2013JTP14WV2WWJohnTXDead after a power surge.
3-22-2013JTP14W0V2WWRobertCAWhen door closed the oven latch motor keeps turning. Display flashes lock
3-22-2013JTP13G0V2BBTechTXF2, F4 error codes. w*keypad.
3-21-2013JTP14WDV2WWLisaMIWon't heat.
3-21-2013JKP26G1B8TechTXF2 & F3
3-21-2013JTP14W0V2WWTechMAF3 error code.
3-21-2013JR13G0T1BBTechSCWill not power up. burned spot on board.
3-20-2013DavidTXBake not coming on.
3-20-2013TechILElectrical damage, arc'd.
3-20-2013JTP14WT1WWTechCAheats accordingly, then drops temperature after a few minutes
3-20-2013JTP14W0V2WWLeoTXIntermittent F3 and beeping.
3-19-2013JTP14WV2WWTechTXMakes hum & no display.
3-19-2013JTP14WT1WWJasonCAF1 error code w*keypad disconnected.
3-19-2013JTP13GT1BBAmyTXshuts off by itself. sent board and keypad.
3-19-2013JTP13GV2BBChrisCAIntermittent operation.
3-18-2013JTP14RonFLNo heat. Tech diagnosed as board problem.
3-18-2013JTP14RyanWAF2 and F3 error codes. After cleaning contacts, oven came on and locked the door.
3-18-2013JTP14W0V2WWTechCAIntermittent display, trips breaker, doesn't control temp.
3-18-2013911410559MarkTXIntermittent F3 and F2. D*O and P*U @ OHA.
3-15-2013JTP13G0V2BBGregALF3 code, dim display.
3-15-2013JTP14WDV2WWScottTXF2 or F3, will not reach temp. Display broken.
3-15-2013JTP13G0V1BBEricTXIntermittent f2 or f3 error code during use.
3-15-2013JTP14WV2WWTechTXDoor lock issues.
3-14-2013JTP13GTGary OKintermittent oven heat, heating element*sensor ok. Otherwise all functions*display*timer ok. I believe problem is with power relays. There is a low level audio noise coming from the board at all times.
3-14-2013JTP13GV2BBGregOKoven shuts off an indicates an F3.
3-14-2013JTP14WTAndrewMDdisplay was out, none of the buttons work but power to the oven.
3-14-2013JTP14WV2WWTechCAdoesn't work
3-13-2013JTP13GVTechNEF3, timer doesnt work
3-13-2013JTP14W0V1WWJimCANo heat on bake cycle, broil works fine, no power to element.
3-13-2013JTP14WV2WWRickTXF3 and F4 errors.
3-13-2013JTP14WT1WWEricCAThe up*down buttons stopped working after the oven face was cleaned with 409.
3-12-2013JTP14W0V2WWCharlesTXNeither bake nor broil will heat, clock on.
3-12-2013JTP14WT1WWDonnieTXWon't turn on bake or broil.
3-12-2013JTP13G0V2BBTechLAf2, f3. sensor checks out.
3-11-2013JTP14GaryKSWill not heat.
3-11-2013JTP14WV02WTechCAlight works- won't turn on.
3-11-2013JTP14W0V2WWLeonardVAF1 error code.
3-11-2013JTP14W0V2WWTimSC2 boards, both F2 error codes.
3-8-2013JTP13G0V1BBLarryCAF3 intermittent operation.
3-8-2013JTP14WV2WWTechTXOven overheats, clock gets behind.
3-8-2013JTP27W0V1WWEdwinPAWon't reach temp. Intermittent. Display brightness not even.
3-8-2013JTP14W0V2WWMariaGAOven quit heating.
3-7-2013JTP13TechTX"locks up in bake
3-7-2013JDS26GT1WHTechTXRoaches. Oven works but won't come back on for a day.
3-7-20139114105559TechFLNot heating to proper temp.
3-7-2013JTP14WV2WWChrisTXwhen in bake, unit resets to 100 and wont heat after
3-6-2013JGSP30GET1BBWayneARpower outage. buzzing, no display.
3-6-201336275970691BillMIdead control
3-6-2013JTP14WV2WWJohnTXF2, wont heat to set temp above 400
3-6-2013JKP14W0T1LWNormanFLno power to elements
3-5-2013JTP14TechTXnot maintaining temp- display is dimming
3-5-2013JTP13GT1BBGillesMADead after a power surge.
3-5-2013JTP13GV1BBDNJPanel will not light up or turn oven on.
3-5-2013JTP13GV2BBDougOHWon't reach temperature.
3-4-2013JTP26G0V2BBTechWABake element shorted, now no bake with new element.
3-4-2013LorinTXup temp button "goofy". trips GFCI when plugged in
3-4-2013JTP14WV2WWCharlesTXF4, F3.. flashes 10-20 m into cooking
3-4-2013JTP14W0T1WWTechAZF3 error after 10-15 minutes, was F2 and F3 but stopped showing F2 after replacing sensor.