4-5-2013JKP14W0P3WGTechTXTurns off during pre-heat, does not reach temperature.
4-5-2013JKP13GOT1BBHalCAF1 Error.
4-5-2013JKP26GV1BBDaleTXRandom number in display, can't set time*temp.
4-4-2013JKP27W0T1WWBarbaraMDF code, oven not working.
4-4-2013JKP26GV1BBBenTXupper oven shuts off after a few minutes
4-4-2013TinaNew YorkF1
4-3-2013JKP13G0V1BBDavidNJF2 and F3 errors.
4-3-2013JKP14WV1WWMikeARpredominant f3 error code, had been an f2-f3
4-3-2013JackTXF1 error code. Please send via overnight delivery.
4-3-2013JKP26G0T1BBNunzio PTXWon't reach temp, short cycles. Tried t replace components.
4-2-2013JKP14WT1WWTechCAF1 error
4-2-2013BillTXShipped w*o faceplate.
4-2-2013JKP14W0V1WWTechCAF1, F2 error codes.
4-2-2013JKP14W0V1WWFredNYIntermittent stop during cooking cycle.
4-1-2013JKP13MikeWAdead, although power is present. No display
4-1-2013JKP27W0R1WWRogerTXF2 code.
4-1-2013JKP27WV1WWBillTXNot baking.
4-1-2013JKP26G0V1BBStephenNCProblem started as f2 or f3 error code, ended with f1 more recently.
3-29-2013JackOKF1 code
3-29-2013JKP13G0T1BBMarnieGAOven cuts off.
3-29-2013JKP14W0V1WWTechTXNo power to bake or broil.
3-29-2013JKP14WV1WWTechTXwill preheat to desired temp, and then flash an F3
3-28-2013JKP26GDavid A.TXERC failed with no LED output with power on L1.
3-28-2013JKP26GT1BBPamelaTXService tech diagnosed that bake is not working.
3-28-2013JKP13G0P4BGCharlesNCF1 error code.
3-27-2013FreemanAZWon't reach temp.
3-27-2013JKP27WT1WWTechCAheats to temp and then flashes F3
3-27-2013JulieTXwont light up
3-26-2013JKP13G0P4BGTechTXshuts off by itself. has to cool down before they can use
3-26-2013JKP27W03P3WGRichard SFLF1 error.
3-26-2013JKP26G0V1BBRickALWill not reach or maintain temperature.
3-25-2013JKP26G0V1BBShelbyTNF3, intermittent.
3-25-2013KellyCADisplay went dead when oven was not on.
3-25-2013JKP13G0T1BBAlTXWon't heat, shuts off early. Timer buzzer not working.
3-25-2013JKP13G0V1BThomasTXF3 error code.
3-22-2013JKP26G0V1BBDeniseMSWiring mishap caused board failure. Send wiring diagram if possible.
3-22-2013JKP14WV1WWTechTXunit will not stay on, shuts off intermittently
3-22-2013JKP14W0T1WWTechCan't set temperature. Push bake temp goes haywire.
3-21-2013JKP14W0T1WWHelenTXWill not heat.
3-21-2013JKP1300VVBWJohnTXF1, F2 error codes, intermittent, won't reach temperature.
3-21-2013JKP26G0V1BBAdinaNYF3 error code, hardware has been eliminated as a potential source of issue.
3-21-2013JKP14BlakeTXF1 and beeping.
3-20-2013JKP13G0T1BBSteveOHWill not reach temperature.
3-20-2013JKP14WV1WWAlanTXF2 and F3 error code, intermittent.
3-20-2013JKP26G0V1BBEdNYF3 error.
3-20-2013JKP13GV1BBTechNCwont shut off
3-19-2013JKP13G0T1BBTechTXF2 error code.
3-19-2013JKP13G0V1BBStantonTXPower is good to board, but board is not responsive.
3-19-2013JKP13GT1BBTechTXunit works intermittently; often the display goes blank and unit doesnt respond
3-19-2013HenryTXA buzzing sound occurred and no display.
3-18-2013JKP14WV1WWMikeARBoard is burned out near the relays.
3-18-2013JKP14W0P3WGRichardTXF1 error code
3-18-2013RogerMIif you push broil, bake ignitor comes on. no broil ignitor.
3-18-2013JKP27W0V1WWMikeTXdiplsay fails and constant beeping
3-15-2013JKP14W0V1WWTechWAIntermittently not keeping temperature. preheats to 250 degrees then shuts off.
3-15-2013JKP13GP4BGTechTXNo bake or broil.
3-15-2013JKP13G0V1BBHalFLOriginally F2 & F3 error code, now just F3 and shuts itself off.
3-15-2013JKP13G0P4BGTechCAClock timer burn't out.
3-14-2013JKP13GV1BBMilanNCF2 comes on, oven shuts off and door locks
3-14-2013JKP27W0V1WTechAZF3, has replaced oven sensor.
3-14-2013JKP13G0T1BBDonnieTXBuzzing, not responding.
3-14-2013JGSP23WEV1WWDonMOWill not hold temperature. Shipped without faceplate.
3-13-2013JKP14W0V1WWStephenTXF2 error.
3-13-2013JKP26GT1BBRobertMSbuzzing & blank display
3-13-2013JKP13G0P4BGMichelleTXF1 error.
3-12-2013JKP14W0V1WWNormanLAoven shuts off intermittently and displays an error code
3-12-2013Jon A.NJNot working, just buzzes.
3-12-2013JKP14The KruseTXF2 or F3 error code, intermittent.
3-12-2013JKP27W0V1WWLisaTXF2, F3 error codes.
3-11-2013JKP26G0T1BBDavidTXWill not reach temperature.
3-11-2013NormanFLCustomer connected board incorrectly. Acrid smoke "Frequent repair discount?"
3-11-2013FloraCAF1. Shipped w*keypad.
3-11-2013TechTXF1 Error Code.
3-8-2013JKP26G0T1BBTechTXdisplay and control not responding.
3-8-2013JKP13ScottOHF2, F3
3-8-2013JKP14WV1WWTechNCF2 code.
3-8-2013JKP27W0T1WWGregTXF1 error code.
3-7-2013JKP14W0P3WGAlanFLnot heating to temp
3-7-2013JKP13GP1BBTechNCunit wont stay on. shuts off 10 min into the cooking process
3-7-2013JKP14W0T1WWKenCAF2 and F3 error codes.
3-7-2013JKP13G031BBTechNYNot working.
3-6-2013JKP27W0V1WWStephenTXF1 or F2 error codes.
3-6-2013JKP14W0V1WWRichardTXExternal fan stopped.
3-6-2013JKP26GP3BGGregALF1, wont heat to temp
3-6-2013JKP14W0V1WWAadrianTXF3 error code, intermittent.
3-5-2013JKP14W0V2WWKeithTXIntermittent operation.
3-5-2013JTP14WV2WWBennett WAZF2 and F3 fault codes.
3-5-2013JKP14W0T1WWJasonTNWon't reach temperature.
3-5-2013JKP14W0P3WGTechTXTemperature off, shows 300 degrees when oven starts up.
3-4-2013JKP13GOP7BGNikhilPAOven does not heat
3-4-2013JKP14WP3WGTechTXBakes, then an f-1 follows
3-4-2013JKP14WP3WGMark and HeatherWAOven doesn't reach temperature.
3-4-2013JKP26GV1BBBarbaraCAF2 error code.
3-1-2013JKP26GV1BBTechWAUpper oven display won't work unless lower oven is turned on first. Neither oven will heat, and display goes blank after about a minute.
3-1-2013JKP27W0T1WWHanksFLOven inoperable.
3-1-2013JKP27WT1WWRussGAWon't reach temperature.
3-1-20139113675959KathiMDNo display.