3-15-2013JTP17WV2WWPaulGATurns off after 30 sec. Will not heat up.
3-15-2013JTP16GJamesGACustomer reported intermittent operation.
3-15-2013JTP7WT1WWTechFLtemp display goes blank
3-14-2013JKP16GVMarkNCF1 Error.
3-14-2013JTP18A0T1AATechCAShuts off early.
3-14-2013JTP17WV2WWBobCOno lights or fan. unresponsive.
3-14-2013JKP16G0V2BBGeorgeSCF1 Error.
3-13-2013JTP17WT1WWOlexanderCAboard is completely dead.
3-13-2013JKP16GTAlekseyMDShuts off after 30 sec.
3-13-2013JTP18AT1AAFrank E.ILCustomer reported preheat then shutdown after 1 minute.
3-13-2013JTP18AV2AATechWIF2 & f3 errors
3-12-2013JTP17WV2WWTechVAPoor heat control.
3-12-2013JTP17WT1WWTechFLheats up to temp, then shuts off. blank display
3-12-2013JTP18A1AAJamesNYOven shuts off 30 seconds into preheat.
3-12-2013JTP16GV2BBPhilip TXIntermittently shuts off after temperature is set.
3-11-2013JTP18A0T1AABillPACook functions will not engage.
3-11-2013JTP18A0T1AAJerryFLUP*DN buttons not working.
3-11-2013JTP18AVToddFLOven not working, tech diagnosed bad board.
3-11-2013TechCOPO# 44242
3-8-2013JTP16G0T1BBRickCAF1 error. Not caused by keypad.
3-8-2013JTP17WV2WWTechCABake and broil do not work. dim display
3-8-2013JTP16G0V1BBRandallMOBake function won't work
3-8-2013JTP16G0T1BBBrianTXWill not reach temperature.
3-7-2013JTP17W0V2WWSteveMNImproper temperature control.
3-7-2013JTP17WV1WWBillNCShuts off early.
3-7-2013JTP16GV2BBKnoxVAoven shuts off in middle of heating
3-7-2013JTP18A0T1AFPaulTXOven shuts off.
3-6-2013JTP17WT1WWLawrencePAF1 Error
3-6-2013JTP18ADT1AAJamieMIEverything on oven works, lights, etc.Just will not heat up. Shipped with a keypad.
3-6-2013JTP16GV2BBStephen CTelements will not heat up.
3-6-2013Jim CAn*a