3-13-2013TechOKF2 & F3 error codes even with new temp probe.
3-13-2013JDS26G0P3ADTechTNBake will not work and flashing error codes.
3-12-20139114012992JeremyKYF1 Error.
3-12-2013JKP26G0P4BGKeithTXUpper oven not reaching temperature.
3-12-2013JMP31ScottTXGoes to 100 degrees and then quits.
3-12-2013JDC27G0P3BGMichaelGAF1 error code, not coming up to temp properly
3-11-2013JDS27GP3BGStanKSOven will not heat.
3-11-20139114012192ThomasDEF1 Error.
3-11-2013JDS26G0P3ADPhamTXOven not reaching temperature.
3-11-2013DennisINpower cuts out when trying to set oven
3-8-2013GeorgeFLBake and broil elements don't work.
3-8-2013AaronFLboth broiler and oven elements come on but then turn off- occurs in both ovens
3-8-2013JDS26GP3WHMarkNCF1, wont reset
3-8-2013JDS27GP3BGFredrickNCF1 Error.
3-7-2013JDC27G0P386DesiGAOven not reaching temperature.
3-7-2013JD27G0P38GLauraALShuts off about 30 seconds after turning on bake or broil.
3-7-2013JKP26G0P4BGDonnaTXDoesn't heat like it should. D*O and P*U @ OHA.