3-28-2013JRP14G0T1BBTechSCDead, no power oven will not operate.
3-28-2013911.4132993TechTXF1 error code & beeping
3-28-2013JMP28GT1ADTodORtime buzzer goes off at random intermittently and wont shut off
3-27-20139114042592RichardFLWon't reach temperature, short cycles.
3-27-20139114042592TechFLTemp and time adjust arrows not working. All others seem to function properly.
3-26-2013JSP39G0S2WGJohnMNF1 error code and plastic faceplate broken off on up arrow and timer keys.
3-26-2013JSP40A0T1AAJeffreyNJnot heating to temp
3-25-2013911.4742994CindyFLDoesn't control temperature.
3-25-20139114832994TechTN"not functional"
3-25-2013911.4552092GregALF1 error code
3-25-2013RS385PXBQ0TechCATemperature problem.
3-22-2013911.4742594TechWATemperature off.
3-22-20139114742996JohnNHTemp up*down not working.
3-22-2013JDP39WR5WHJamesMSnot reaching temp
3-21-2013C.W.TXF1, alarm go off solid
3-21-2013JSP26GP4WHW. R. NCF1 when the oven is off
3-21-20139114742993JonMOF1 error code, beeps when not in bake mode.
3-20-2013TechALF1 error code
3-20-2013JRP14G0T1BBTechPAF1 error code.
3-20-2013JDP37G0P5BGRichardMIWill not reach temp. Buzzer not working, Temp down button intermittent.
3-19-20139114742593EveretteALOven won't heat past 200 degrees. Already replaced both elements and temperature sensor
3-19-2013TamaraCABake and Broil not functioning, the display flashes but oven doesn't turn on.
3-19-2013JMP31W0WWNelda TXF1 error code
3-19-20139114742993TechNCDead, no display.
3-18-20139114672593TechNCWont regulate temperature correctly
3-18-2013JMP28G0R3ADJonRIF*F3 Error Code
3-18-2013JRP14G0P3BGKennethPAF1 error code.
3-15-2013JMP28GRRebeccaOHF1 error code after power outage.
3-15-2013jdp36gpswhWilliamGAWont heat beyond 380 degrees.
3-15-2013JamesMSit turns on, but shuts off after 30 seconds
3-14-2013TechTXFlashes F4, F3, F2 error codes, won't heat.
3-14-2013JohnRIF1 Error code.
3-14-2013JSP38G0T188AndrewINOven not functioning.
3-13-2013911.4132993CurtisMOControl comes on but then shuts off immediately
3-13-20139114832593JohnTXtemp way off despite having replaced sensor
3-13-2013JSP39W0T1WWLinnCAF1 error code.
3-12-2013RS386PXBB0TechWAF1 error code.
3-12-2013JMP29G0R3BKGeorgeNYOven not functioning.
3-12-20139114652592TechAZf1. no heat.
3-12-2013TechCAF1 error code.
3-11-2013911.4672593Garry ALF1 error code, and flashing lock
3-11-2013RF725GP5BGTechALOven temperature is off after installing new sensor.
3-11-2013JSP26G0P4ADGaryMOF1 error code.
3-11-2013JSP28G0P4BGJorgeLAF1 error code.
3-8-2013JSP31GP4WHLinTXbake and broil not working - won't even go into mode.
3-8-2013JSP40A0S2AGJenniferILF1 error code.
3-8-2013JSP39GS2WGBarbaraFLRelays bad on board, power in but no power out.
3-8-2013Johnnone provided
3-7-2013WayneVAF1 error code
3-7-2013JDP37GP5BGGregALtemperature is off, slow to click bake and broil relays on
3-7-20139114832993TechTNLow temp.
3-7-2013911.4132993ClarkNEDoes not send power to elements
3-6-2013JSP31GP4WHTechCAoven not keeping temp. sensor has been replaced
3-6-2013JMP31WRKeithMNFlashing lights and beeping.
3-6-2013TechMIF1 error
3-6-2013JSP40AS2AGLouisFLdoes not reach desired temp
3-5-2013RS385PXBQ0DennisWAF1 error and buzzer sounds.
3-5-2013JSP28G0P1BBTechALCuts off after programming temperature. Will not heat.
3-5-2013JSP38G054BGDanielMOTemperature reads off by 100 degrees.
3-5-20139114832992TechMDF1 Error code.
3-4-2013JMP28GRRobert WPAF1 error and buzzer sounds.
3-4-2013JamesMSF2 error code.
3-4-2013JMP29GR3BKKevinCTF1 when idle. repeating