3-13-2013JDS27G0P1BGBillALWill not Bake or Broil. Drops out after a few seconds.
3-13-2013TechTXNo bake, broil or relay clicking.
3-13-2013911471299JeffTNF1 error.
3-13-2013JasonNHF1 error code and buzzer.
3-12-2013911.4012990TechTXWill not bring power to bake or broil elements.
3-12-2013JDC27GP2BGTechMDtemperature is higher than it should be or isnt reading temp accurately
3-12-2013JDC27GP2GregALNo Bake or Broil
3-12-2013JDS26GUP1ADDaleCABake circuit burned out due to short at bake unit.
3-11-2013JDS26G0P1ADIncNCWill not Bake or Broil.
3-11-2013LinGAThe unit short-circuited suddenly. Black areas inside unit.
3-11-2013JDC27G0B2BGTechLAOven not working -ECB not working
3-11-20139114712992TechKSunit not sending power to bake or broil units
3-8-2013911471299TechTNWill not regulate temperature after replacing upper element.
3-8-20139114012190TechCAnot heating properly
3-8-2013911401299PaulTXWon't heat. Temperature display runs up immediately.
3-8-20139114012190JamesCANot coming up to temp. Tech sheet included.
3-7-2013911401219ScottFLF1 Error Code.
3-7-20139114712992Kevin R.TXF1 Error Code.
3-7-20139114712990CarrollALmakes no noise when bake*broil buttons are pressed. bake*broil modes won't engage, no heat.
3-6-2013JDS26GPRosestelaFLGoes on and off randomly.
3-6-2013911.4012190TechTXOven not heating at all.
3-6-2013911401299SandersSCWas intermittent, now short cycles on bake and broil.
3-6-2013JDS27G0P2BGCarol J StMAF1 error. Unavailable from *2-*1.