5-21-2013ZEK755WP3WGTechCAF1 error code + when calling for heat from lower oven, bake board becomes unresponsive.
5-21-2013Pans and Potter ManagementNCShipped w*keypad.
5-21-2013JKP55W0P1WGTraceyMAoven shuts off in middle of cook cycle. beeps randomly when idle.
5-20-2013JKP55W0P3WGArthur HVAUpper will not reach temp.
5-20-2013JKP55W0P2WGMiriamMEOven heats very hot and does not register to temperature setting on control panel. Control panel beeps continuously.
5-20-2013JKP55W0P2WGArtinCAF1 error code and beeping. (Received without screws).
5-20-2013JKP55W0T1WWJonCTNo bake on top oven.
5-17-2013JKP55W0T1WWAlMITop oven F1 error and shuts off. Cook timer shuts off.
5-17-2013JKP44G0P1BGFrankMDlower broil not turning on. lower oven temperature off.
5-17-2013JKP54G0T1BBSeveAZF1 Error.
5-17-2013ZEK756GP1BGSteveCAF1 Code
5-16-2013ZEK757WP3WGTechCAwont bake
5-16-2013JKP55WP2James M.NCUpper oven F1 error code.
5-16-2013JKP54G0P3WGJackieWAF1 error.
5-16-2013JKP540T1BBKierenILF1 Error.
5-15-2013JKP55W0T1WWStevenILF1 error code
5-15-2013ZEK757WP2WGS. DavidNJF1 error.
5-15-2013JKPSSWT1WWTechINLower oven, when set to heat will not shut element off. Will only stop heating when canceled.
5-15-20139114803991CindyWIF1 error.
5-14-2013JKP55W0P3WGTechNCtop oven temperature ran away. controller intermittent. bottom oven broil only, not bake
5-14-2013JudyCAF1 error code
5-14-2013JKP54GP3BGValCAOven shuts off early.
5-14-2013JBP90GV1BBTechINOven doesn't work.
5-13-2013ZEK755WPLWGHanksFLwhen turning on lower oven, top turns off
5-13-2013JKP17WV1WWRogerILwont heat to temp.
5-13-2013JKP55WP3WGWilliam NCF1
5-13-2013JKP54GP1BGDavidMOtop oven will not heat
5-10-2013JKP54GP4BGRichardKYF1, upper oven cuts off after 40 seconds
5-10-2013JKP54WOP1WGDouglasGAF1 error with keypad disconnected
5-10-2013ZEK755WP1WGMichaelCAF1 Error.
5-9-2013JKP55WP3WGTechCAlower bake element isnt working
5-9-2013TechILRebuild as necessary.
5-9-2013JKP55WP3WGMarcCAF1 error & beeping
5-9-2013JKP45WP2WGDennisVAF1 error. buzzer is constant
5-8-2013JKP55WP3WGMartin A.FLShuts off early.
5-8-2013ZEK956GB1BGRichardNJF1 and keypad problem.
5-8-2013JKP55W0T1WWTechCAlower oven will not turn on
5-8-2013ZEK757WP2WGTechINUpper oven panel goes blank during use, lower oven works fine.
5-7-2013JKP55WTRonMAintermittent F1 during use and when idle
5-7-2013JKP54G0P3BGMarilynNYF1 error code, convection setting doesn't work on top oven
5-7-2013VictorCAoven dropping temp? (hard to read). "PLEASE RUSH"
5-6-2013JKP17W0T2WWDennisTNIntermittent problem. Sometimes works fine, other times will heat oven and then temperature display goes off and oven stops heating.
5-6-2013JimINF1, wont heat.. shuts off
5-6-2013JKP54GT1BBTechTXUpper oven turns itself off. F error on lower oven.
5-3-2013JKP54GT1BBE.J.COOven shuts off.
5-3-2013AngelaTXUpper oven works fine. Lower oven display comes on, runs for 3 minutes and turns off
5-3-2013JKP54G0P1BGPeterWVBeeping and upper oven non-responsive.
5-3-2013JKP45WP2WGTechTXdlb relay? upper oven will not come on
5-2-2013ZEK757WP1WGTechFLafter selecting bake or broil, both ovens F1 after 2 minutes
5-2-2013ZEK755WP1WGJamesOHUpper oven turns off by itself.
5-2-2013JKP55W0P3WGKrisCALower oven continuously on. K*K9 closed. Sensor checked good.
5-1-2013ZEK755WP1WGBeverlyCAF1 Error.
5-1-2013JKP55W0P3WGGailNCNeither bake nor broil works on lower oven. Never gets above about 170-210 degrees.
5-1-2013ZEK757WP5WGJohnALF1 code, and shutting off
5-1-2013JKP55WTWilliamWItop oven automatically heats to 500+ deg when activated. lower oven drops out after setting cook mode.
4-30-2013JKP17WP2WGPaulFLF2 and F3.. intermittent. and shuts off
4-30-2013JKP45W0P3WGDawnMOUpper oven just goes off on its own, lower oven bakes inconsistently.
4-30-2013ML201404QTechCONot heating, convection not working. Shipped w*keypad.
4-30-2013JKP55W0P1WGJulieCAF1 error code, occurred after power outage.
4-29-2013JKP54G0P3BGEdVAF1 when lower oven off.
4-29-2013JKP55W0P3WGScottLABlank display, no function
4-29-2013JKP55WP2WGJusuCALower oven doesnt heat up, upper oven works fine.
4-26-2013JKP45W0P1WGMichaelNYKeypad included. Temperature setting button does not work. Please rush, return via fedex.
4-26-2013RogerMIright side of panel works well, convection begins to work and then shuts down
4-26-2013JKP54GP1BGWilliam CAF1, Dim Display,
4-26-2013JKP56A0S1AAAlanFLF1 error
4-25-2013SandraFLLower oven turns off.
4-25-2013JKP54G0P1BGPaulMDF1 Error and beeping. Shipped w*keypad.
4-25-2013JKP55W0P1WGLawerenceKSRebuild board, install custom keypad.
4-25-2013JKP55W0P3WGPeterIA6 months ago: Intermittent temperature problems. Now: Will not heat, will accept temperature setting before shutting off. Temp sensor reading lower than expected resistance (1 K Ohms instead of 1.1 K)
4-24-2013JKP54GP1BGTechNMworks intermittently. does not reach temp. lower oven elements do not come on. Elements come on sometimes.
4-24-2013JKPK55W0P2WGJamesOHControl is dead.
4-24-2013JKP55W0T1WWCharlesVAF1 error code. Shipped w*keypad and wiring diagram.
4-24-2013JKP44GP1BGLyleTXUpper oven wont come on when set, self clean doesnt work on either oven.
4-23-2013JKP54GP2BGBillCAF1 - sudden occurrence, beeps and flashes, nothing works
4-23-2013JKP55WT1WWRobertNew YorkTop does not heat up, but comes on. Bottom works fine.
4-23-2013JKP55W0P3WGAndyTXF1 and F3 error codes, intermittent operation.
4-23-2013ZEK757WP3WGCharlesMORebuild as necessary.
4-22-2013JKP54G0P2BGChinhNCOven not heating.
4-22-2013ZEK757WP1WGSteveCAF1 error.
4-22-2013ZEK754GP2BGTechFLUpper DLB relay not closing
4-19-2013JKP55W0P1WGKetanSCF1 Error.
4-19-2013JKP55WP2WGJaneGAF1, bottom oven broil turns on without command
4-18-2013JKP55W0T1WWDavidTNTop oven F1 error. Rebuild both upper and lower control circuits.
4-18-2013JKP44GP1BGFrank VAF1
4-18-2013ZEK756GP1BGTechTNF1, constant beeping
4-17-2013JKP55W0P1WGPamelaNMF1 and sometimes F2, F3 error codes.
4-17-2013JKP55W0P3WGDavidCAShuts off early.
4-17-2013ZEK757WP2WGTechCAF1 error w*o keypad connected.
4-17-2013ZEK757WP3WGDougCAF1 error code.
4-16-2013JKP55WPManishCAResolder loose connector.
4-16-2013EddieTXF1 Error.
4-16-2013JBP90GWIBBJohnPAbeeping -- bake stays on
4-16-2013RexCAF1 with repeated beeping. Shut down, pulled ribbon, re-started and still had F1 and beeping.
4-15-2013JKP45W0P1WGMichaelNJTop oven will not bake. Please expedite.
4-15-2013JKP54G0T1BBMarilynnMNF1 error code
4-15-2013JKP45W0P1WGJoannILF1 error.
4-15-2013JKP55W0P3WGJarretMDF1 Error.
4-12-2013JKP54GP2BGRobertFLOven cuts out shortly after setting preheat.
4-12-2013JKP55W0P1WGRobertCAIntermittent F2 error, now continuous F1.
4-12-2013JKP55WP2WGTechCAunit shuts oven off intermittently
4-12-2013ZEK756GP1BGHeatherIAF1 Error. Included keypad.
4-11-2013ZEK756GP4BGAlanFLF1 Error and broken ribbon cable. Shipped w*keypad.
4-11-2013TechCAUpper oven will not bake
4-11-2013JKP55W0P1WGMikeCALower oven shuts off early, won't reach temperature.
4-10-2013JKP44GCP1BGJohnnieNCNot browning properly on top (both ovens).
4-10-2013JKP54GP2BGStephen WAF1
4-10-2013JKP55W0P2WGJeffNYDigital display started flickering then stopped working completely.
4-10-2013JKP55WT1WWSallyPAOven turns itself off, F1 error.
4-9-2013JKP54GP1BGJohnFLupper oven does not work. no power exiting board
4-9-2013JKP44GP4BGShawnTXintermittent blank display. ovens shut off after heating up
4-9-2013JKP55WP3WGGeorgeCAOven shuts off early.
4-9-2013JKP55W0P3WGTechNEF1 error code
4-8-2013TechNYupper oven not working at all- no bake broil or convection
4-8-2013JKP54GP3BGTechCAOven shuts off.
4-8-2013DevoraNew YorkF1
4-8-2013JimTXf1 w*o keypad connected
4-5-2013JKP56AT1AATechTXbottom oven does work. bake and broil are not working in upper oven
4-5-2013JKP16GT2BBJohnTNshuts off after preheating sequence starts
4-5-2013JKP45W0P1WGDavidWAF1 and*or F2 error codes.
4-5-2013JKP55WT1WWTechFLlower oven not working
4-4-2013JKP55W0T1WWDaveTXRepair as necessary.
4-4-2013JKP55EllynFLF1 error code and lower oven short cycles.
4-4-2013ZEK754GP1BGTonyNYF1 shuts off after a few seconds
4-4-2013JKP54G0T1BBMaryellenWIF1 Error.
4-3-2013911.4803591ChrisINF3 F1
4-3-20139114803591BruceFLnot reaching set temp
4-3-2013ZEK756GPBobCAF1 error code.
4-2-2013JKP56A0S1AAWilliamMNBeeps intermittently & top oven turns off. No error messages, suspect touchpad fault but possible control board issue.
4-2-2013JKP55WP3WGTechNEF1 Error Code
4-2-2013JohnTNF1 error.
4-1-2013JKP55WardNCF1 Error.
4-1-20139114803991ZafarLAF1 error, sparking, removed resistor.
4-1-2013JKP45WKennethWAlower oven isnt working. Upper oven works- all functions
4-1-2013JKP45W01VWWTechNVF1 error code.
3-29-2013JKP55WPRandallGAconstant F1. upper oven not turning on
3-29-2013JKP55WP3WGTimothyILF1 error, beeps. Customer performed very thorough analysis.
3-29-2013JKP56A0T1AARobert D.INF1, F7 error codes.
3-29-2013JKP54G0P4BGDonaldMAF1 error, intermittent, progressively worse. Metal frame not included.
3-28-2013ZEK757WP2WGMarcelMAF1 error code.
3-28-2013JKP55W0P3WGSteveCALower oven F1 error, bake always on.
3-28-2013JKP45W0P1WGJohnTXPossibly incorrectly reconnected wiring harnesses to board after installing new keypad. Board threw F3 on power up, smoked and smelled of burnt component - R134 is fried. Upper bake and broil work fine, lower unit inoperable.
3-27-2013JKP54G0T1BBMichaelPAF2 error code periodically. Lower oven does not regulate temperature.
3-27-2013JKP55W0P2WGTechPALower oven works fine, upper oven setting on bake cuts out middle of cycle
3-27-2013JKP55W0P3WGTechTXF1 Error Code.
3-26-2013JKP55WV1WWTechTXTemp is Irregular
3-26-2013JKP55W0P2WGJames ANCNot working after power outage.
3-26-2013JKP54G0P4BGGerald O.MOShuts off after 30 sec.
3-26-2013ZEK755WPMarnTXF1 error.. Metal frame not included.
3-25-2013JKP55WPJaneMEF1 & F2
3-25-2013JKP55WP3WGNaomi MOlower oven wont stay on long enough to heat to temp.
3-25-2013JKP55W0P2WGSusanNCF1 error, intermittent, progressively worse. Metal frame not included.
3-22-2013JKP55W0T1WWCindyFLneither oven will go above 100 deg
3-22-2013JKP54GT1BBRobertVAboard started smoking upon reinstallation
3-22-2013JKP54GP4BGTechMIMultiple error codes, not heating element. Temp sensor error.
3-22-2013DonnieTXturns off after set to bake* broil
3-21-2013JKP54COP1BGVinceCAF1 error.
3-21-2013RonILF1 error code, won't reach temperature. Intermittent. Door lock problems.
3-21-2013JKP45WP1WGGradyGAF1, turns off intermittently
3-21-2013JKP55WT1WWAlILbottom oven doesnt work. relays wont stay on. oven wont heat.
3-20-2013JKP55W0T1WWBobWATop oven does not work.
3-20-2013Will NCsome error code, oven doesn't heat properly
3-20-2013JKP55W0P3WGSteven I.FLOven turns itself off.
3-20-2013JKP55W0P3WGJimTXF7 error.
3-19-2013JKP54GT1BBSamuel MDF1
3-19-2013JKP55W0P3WGTerryVALower oven shuts off after 20 seconds.
3-19-2013JKP55WP1WGJohnILBlank display, power is going to the unit & transformer are working.
3-19-2013JKP45WOT1WWJamesPAF1 Error Code
3-18-2013JKP55WP3WGRhondaILF1 error.
3-18-2013JTP45WV1WWJohnTXturns off during bake & broil
3-15-2013JKP54G0P1BGLukeNCF1 error.
3-15-2013JKP55W0T1WWFredCAwont stay on
3-15-2013JamesCAF1 error with keypad disconnected.
3-15-2013JKP54GT1BBDavid E.OHF1 error code and early shut off. Shipped with keypad.
3-14-2013JKP55W0P1WGRonaldMNF1, oven turns off intermittently
3-14-2013JKP55W0T1WWTPAUnit shuts off early. Intermittently doesn't function.
3-14-2013JKP54G0P3BGDanielNYLower oven not heating for long time. Upper oven will not hold temperature. Sensors and elements test OK.
3-14-2013ZEK756GP2BGSteveFLShuts off early, F2 during self-clean.
3-13-20139114803991TerrenceMNlower oven bake element stays on and over overheats- both top and lower oven temp sensors have been replaced
3-13-2013JKP54GP2BGCindyMNF1 error code. Lower not functional.
3-13-2013KenWVTop oven does not heat.
3-13-2013JKP54GP3BGDavidWIlights wont turn off- burning smell
3-12-2013ZEK757WP1WGTechPArandomly goes into self clean.
3-12-2013JKP56A0S1AAGeorgeMOF1 error code with keypad disconnected.
3-12-2013JoeNJF1 error, won't heat.
3-12-2013JKP55W0P3WGNealILF1 or F2 error code.
3-11-2013JKP45W0P1WGTechCANo bake, lower oven.
3-11-2013JKP55W0P3WGKenMIupper oven not heating
3-11-2013JKP55W0P3WGPaul AZUpper oven won't heat, no L2 coming from board.
3-11-2013ZEK757WP1WGTechILBoard not staying on.
3-8-2013JKP44GT1BBGuyVAshuts off after setting temp
3-8-2013JKP44G0P1BGGeoffCAoriginally had f1. swapped parts w* neighbor and attempted gets f1 (w*o keypad) and f3. sent original board and neighbor's board (for parts)
3-8-2013ZEK757WP2WGEdwardOHF1 error.
3-8-2013DarrinCANo information provided
3-7-2013JKP45W0P1WGTrishCAF1 and F9 errors. Keypad was sent earlier.
3-7-2013ZEK757WP2WGTechAZf1. display not working
3-7-2013JKP55WP1WGJeremyPAControl panel intermittently not working initially, now doesn't work at all.
3-6-2013JKP55Glenn EINDoesn't work.
3-6-2013RichardCABoth oven turn off by themselves.
3-6-2013JKP55WTJamesWALower oven shuts off after 5 seconds.
3-5-2013JKP55WP3WGKevinCTBeeping & F1 Error code
3-5-2013JKP56A0S1AAVickiWICustomer reported top oven does not turn on, F1 after 30 sec.
3-5-2013ZEK757WP1WGDougCAF1 error code.
3-4-2013JKP55W0T1WWRobertCTUpper bake element exploded, now control won't turn on. Prior to failure, convection fan would not turn on.
3-4-2013JKP54GT1BBDennisARF1 error and alarm. Was locking itself.
3-4-2013DebbieNCF1 error.
3-4-20139114803991WillodeanFLTop oven shuts off early.
3-1-2013JKP17WT1WWTechPABoard shutting off on preheat.
3-1-2013JKP45W0P2WGBobPAF1 error code and beeps.
3-1-2013JKP55WP3WGPaulVAUpper has thrown F1 error codes. Lower shuts off after 30 seconds.
3-1-2013MichaelGaF1 Error Code & Constant Beeping J1 connection is loose