3-26-2013ZEK735WP3WGEdFLAtt: John PO# 30033. Will not heat in BA or BR.
3-25-2013JKP26GP3BGJeannaOHoven not working: nothing happens when buttons are pressed. clock displays but does not keep time. no f1.
3-25-2013WheelerFLNo display on panel other than clock. Oven doesn't work
3-25-2013JKP17WP3WGTechNVnot displaying proper temp
3-22-2013JKP17W0P3WGRobertTXCustomer reported preheat then shutdown after 1 minute.
3-22-2013JKP16GPBGBobCAShuts off after a few seconds.
3-22-2013JKP17W0P3WGTechTXOven will not come on. Control shuts off.
3-22-2013JKP16G0P1BGTechCAShuts off early.
3-21-2013ZEK737WPAndrewWAShort cycles.
3-21-2013RobertRIF1 error code.
3-21-2013RickMIHad re-soldered thermocouple pins but swapped J6 and J7 and smoked board.
3-21-2013JKP16GP4BGTimothy J.TNF2 and F3. Sensor has been replaced.
3-20-2013JKP17WP2WGTechFLBurnt out control
3-20-2013ZEK737WP3WGAl MAF2 & F3 error codes.
3-20-2013JKP17BridgettFLBake, broil, convection roast, self-clean will not turn on.
3-19-2013JKP17W0P3WGMichaelCAAll modes shut off early.
3-19-2013JKP26GP2RichardTXNo heat.
3-19-2013ZEK737WP1WGBernard O.CAShuts off early. Convection relay daughter board included.
3-19-2013JKP16David CAF1 error code, also replace broken wire bracket on left side.
3-18-2013JKP16G0P3BGGeorge RTXF1 error.
3-18-2013JKP16G0P3BGPhilip AWARepair.
3-18-2013JKP17WP2WGDavidTXShuts off early.
3-18-2013JKP16GP1BGRichardCAWill not hold temperature. F2, F3 errors.
3-15-2013ZEK737WP2W0TechFLFuzzy display, powers up and shuts down.
3-15-2013JKP16G028GJames WNJWon't reach temperature, short cycles.
3-15-2013ZEK735WP1WGKurtFLF1 error code.
3-15-2013ZEK737WPKimballCAF1 Error.
3-14-2013JKF16G0P1BGJulioPRDoes not heat.
3-14-2013JKP16G0P3BGLeslieCToven shuts off by itself. tech replaced some caps - originals enclosed, replacements are underrated. now board doesnt work at all
3-14-2013JKP16GP2NansengWAF1 Error and beeping.
3-14-2013JKP16GP3BGJimTXShort cycles, won't reach temperature.
3-13-20139114703991Robert R.SCIntermittent operation.
3-13-2013JKP17W0P3WGKenneth E.ARShuts off after 30 sec.
3-13-2013JKP17WP3WGThomasFLShuts off after 30 seconds.
3-13-2013JTP55W0V1WWMichaelSCF1 error code.
3-12-2013JKP16G0P3BGTechTXShuts off by itself.
3-12-2013JKP17WP2WGMarkPAShuts off early.
3-12-2013JKP17WP1WGMichaelCAoven beeps and shuts off after it heats up. Possibly throwing F3
3-11-2013ZEK737WP3WGPatrickMISent 2 boards fix best one preferably the one with newest display One board has been diagnosed w bad microprocessor by another company
3-11-2013JKP16G0P2BGLarryTXOven will shut off after about 30 seconds.
3-11-2013JKP18ASGregWIOven will not heat, relay contacts aren't staying closed for more than about 30 seconds. Service tech says something is causing L2 contact to open.
3-8-2013JKP17MichaelCAF1 and F7 with keypad disconnected.
3-8-2013JKP17W0P3WGAlanSCoven not heating - shuts off soon after putting into a cooking mode. Replaced a relay because "the resitance was ~ * the other 2"
3-8-2013ZEK737WPWGLarryGAoven shuts off a few seconds after commands, unit isnt working now at all
3-8-2013JeffCAF1 Error Code. May want overnight ship back.
3-7-2013JKP16G0P4BGDonnaKYE2-E3. Shipped w*keypad.
3-7-2013JKP17WP1WGMacauleyCAOven does not heat up to temperature properly. Goes from desired temperature to 100 degrees then shuts off.
3-7-2013JKP16G0P2BGGregoryMDOven will not heat up, temp setting shows selected temp for 20 seconds before resetting to clock. Heating elements aren't turning on.
3-7-2013ZEK737WP3WGMarkILWon't reach temperature.
3-6-2013ZEK736GP1BGEdwinCAIntermittent F2, F3.
3-6-2013JKP17W0P3WGRaulTXSaw F1 error after an oven clean. Now shuts off by itself.
3-6-2013JKP17WP2BGTechTXStandard Rebuild
3-6-2013JKP17WPRichardCAF1 error code. Please check control and heat relay.
3-5-2013JKP17W0P2WGKevinFLNo Heat. Sent two shipments totaling the control board, keypad and transformer.
3-5-2013ZEK737WP3WGLuciaFLbake button turns off by itself.
3-5-2013ZEK736GP1BGMarcVAIntermittent PF. Shipped with transformer.
3-5-2013ZEK735WP1WGRolandCAWill not heat. Control was replaced 7 years ago.
3-4-2013JKP17W1P2WGTechNCF1 error code
3-4-2013CharlesFLShipped w*keypad.
3-4-2013JKP17W0P2WGRogerAZBoard dead after power outage.
3-4-2013JKP18AS1AAElizabethGAOven will not come on, display just blinks once.