5-29-2013JKP14WPMikeWIF1 Error.
5-29-2013JKP27DougTXno power to board, oven isnt heating
5-29-2013JKP14W0P1WGLindaTXnot heating to temp
5-29-2013EdCAF1 error.
5-28-2013LisaTXF1 Error.
5-28-2013JKP13G0P1BGRayFLNo bake, broil, clean. Growling lock.
5-28-2013JKP26GP2BGJuneTNNo bake or broil. Check sensors and elements. Advise if bench test correlates.
5-28-2013JKP14W0T1WWTechTXF1 error code.
5-27-2013JKP13G0P1BGTechTXOven won't reach temperature.
5-27-2013JTP14BobCTF1 error code.
5-27-2013GeorgeTXbake, broil, self clean do not work
5-27-2013JKP13G0P1BGPhilNCWon't control temperature.
5-24-2013JKP14W0P1WGBrianINOven will not reach or maintain set temperature.
5-24-2013JKP14W0P2WGPeteSCF1 error.
5-23-2013JKP13G0P1BGTechNVNot allowing latch to unlock
5-23-2013JKP27W0P2WGTechTXWill not start or shuts off early.
5-23-2013JKP14WP1WGRobMIOven wont heat to temperature
5-23-2013KevinTXWill not heat.
5-22-2013JKP35DPBBTechF2 and F3 error
5-22-2013JKP27WP2WGMarkTXNo display at all.
5-22-2013JKP13G0P2BGRalphCAElements won t engage shuts off after 20 30 seconds
5-22-2013JKP26GP1BGMikeTNBake, Broil, Clean do not work. With keypad.
5-21-2013JKP13GP1BGMarkCAWon't reach temperature.
5-21-2013JKP26GDorothyTXCustomer reported intermittent F1 Error code.
5-20-2013JKP27W0P2WGTechTXShuts off by itself.
5-20-2013JKP26G0P4BGDanielNVF1 error code.
5-20-2013JKP26GPRogerCAwants new display
5-20-2013JKP13G0P1BGAlanTNWon't control temperature.
5-17-2013JohnTXdoesnt reach temp
5-17-2013JKP27WGP1WGTechTXShuts off early.
5-17-2013JKP13G0P1BGCynthiaMSNot working.
5-17-2013JKP14W0F1WGTechPAWon't reach temperature.
5-16-2013JKP13GP1BGSherryKYwont heat over 250 degrees
5-16-2013JKP26G0P2SusanCAWon't bake or broil.
5-16-2013ChuckTXOven control doesn't turn on or off oven.
5-16-2013JKP14WP2LeonardTXF1 error code, beeps.
5-15-2013JKP26G0T1BBAllenMarylandF1 error code.
5-15-2013LisaTXno heat
5-15-2013JKP26G0PQBGTechCAFlashing temp sensor when oven is off.
5-14-2013911.9592591TechTNBake & Broil arent functioning
5-14-2013RobertPANeither burner nor broiler will light.
5-14-2013JKP26G0P1BGStephenTXService tech diagnosed bad board.
5-13-2013JKP14WP1WGTechMDF2 error at high temps
5-13-2013JKP26GP2BGJohnTXF1 w*o keypad
5-13-2013RicardoTXOven not reading temperature properly.
5-10-2013JKP26GP1TechTXoven wont come on
5-10-2013TechTXnot responding
5-10-2013JKP26WPTomCAF1 Error.
5-9-2013JKP13GPJeffCAF1 error code, won't reach temperature.
5-9-2013JKP27W0P2WGJamesCAF1 Error.
5-9-2013JKP27W0P2WGJamesMDUpper oven does not heat.
5-8-2013JKP13GPWilliam C.GANot reaching temperature.
5-8-2013JKP26GPRogerCAFailed after power surge.
5-7-2013JKP14W0P3WGNeilPAF1 error code with or without touchpad. Temperature sensor checked out OK.
5-7-2013JKP27W0P2WGMarkTXno display at all. check relays and temp please.
5-7-2013JKP13G0P1BGDavid CMDF2 error code.
5-7-2013JTP13G0T1BBTechCAF1 error code.
5-6-2013JKP27W0P2WGRickLADoes not reach or maintain temperature.
5-6-2013JKP27WP3WGFrankCAF1, performed keypad test, still F1
5-6-2013JKP26G0P1BGTechTNOven not turning on.
5-6-2013JKP26G0P2BGTechNCOven won't bake or broil.
5-3-2013JKP13G0P2BGTechTXtech = RS. only heats to 200 degrees.
5-3-2013KenTXF1 error code
5-3-2013JKP26G0P2BGAmandaTN"F1 or F8"
5-3-2013JKP13G0P2BGCharlieOHOven shuts off immediately after turning on. Temperature sensor has been replaced.
5-2-2013JKP14W0P1WGHaroldTXDoesn't control temperature. Need new clip for keypad membrane.
5-2-2013JKP14WT1WWMikeWAoven wont reach temp
5-2-2013JKP13G0P2BGRussellMSF3 code after heat up. Have seen F4.
5-2-2013JKP13G0P1BGTylerTXRebuild as required. Expedite.
5-1-2013RicardoTXF1 error.
5-1-2013JKP13G0P3BGRaymond M.TXDoes not come up to temperature. Will not turn off using panel.
5-1-2013JKP26G0P1BGSteveTXOven shuts off after a few seconds.
4-30-2013JTP14WT1WWMary TXbottom oven wont heat.
4-30-2013JKP26G0P2BGRobertPAF1 error.
4-30-2013JKP26GP1JohnMIF1 and temperature out of control.
4-29-2013ErnestLAnot heating to temp
4-29-2013RandyTXDoes not stay on.
4-29-2013JKP14WP2WGEdward LARF1 error code, won't heat.
4-29-2013RobertORoven temp is 100 deg too low. sensor has been checked out.
4-26-2013JKP14WP2WGDavidCaliforniaF1 error code, sometimes it will go away temporarily if timer button is pressed.
4-26-2013JKP27PrestonTXOven will not heat.
4-26-2013JKP26GP1BGTechVAunit isnt coming on
4-26-2013JKP13G0P2BGMichaelNDnot heating to temp
4-25-2013JKP13G0P1BGCynthiaMSNot working.
4-25-2013JTP11WP3WGWadeNYF1 Error.
4-25-2013JKP13G0P2BGRichard DCAOven shuts off early, also had F1 error.
4-25-2013JTP11WP1WGKathleenWAshuts off, wont heat to temp
4-24-2013JKP26G0P1BGDavidGANo bake or broil.
4-24-2013JKP27W0P2WGTechTXlower oven temp is off - 300 degrees
4-24-2013RobertGAF1 error.
4-24-2013JKP26G0T1BBNormaNYOven drops out after setting to bake. Bake element will heat, but not the broil.
4-23-2013JKPLeslieTXCustomer reported short cycling on temperature.
4-23-2013JKP13GT1BBTechCAtemp is way off with new thermostat
4-23-2013JKP26GP2BGEugene KYnot heating to set temp
4-23-2013JKP13GP2BGTechTXShuts off by itself.
4-22-20133627361991TechAZdisplay reads 250 degrees to high.
4-22-2013JKP14WP1WGJohnTXno bake
4-22-2013TechFLcontinuous beep. wont stop unless power is disconnected
4-19-2013JKP13G0P1BGTechOKF-4 error code.
4-19-2013JKP13G0P2BGJamesMSF2 and F3 codes coming up on the display
4-19-2013JKP13G0P2BGTechCAOven will not heat.
4-18-2013JKP13G0P1BGBrianORF1 error code. Broil element heats when off.
4-18-2013JKP13GP3BGJoeOKIf set under 500 degrees, will only heat to 250. If set over 500, will heat to 550-600. Sensor has been replaced.
4-18-2013JKP14WT1WWTechTXnot heating to temperature
4-18-2013JTP11WSWGPatrickTXF1 Error Code. Constantly beeping
4-17-2013JKP27W0P2WGAshishPAF1 error code.
4-17-2013JKP27W092WGTechFLControl board shorted out.
4-16-2013JKP27WP2WGMikeTXCustomer reports oven not reaching temperature.
4-16-2013LeslieTXF2, F3, F4 error codes.
4-16-2013DoreanDEcustomer had taken board from case already. Oven elements not turning on - keypad inputs only result in beeping.
4-16-2013JKP1300P213GSteveTXWon't reach temperature.
4-15-2013JKP13G0P1BGGeorgeTXF1 error code.
4-15-2013JKP13G0P1BGIcebergCAWon't reach temp.
4-15-2013JKP26GP2BGTechARF1 and beeping on the display.
4-15-2013JKP26GP1BGDavidWVActual temperature 100 deg low.
4-12-2013TechTXNot heating properly.
4-12-2013JSP28GPSuzanne NEwont reach temperature
4-12-2013JKP26GP2BGJohnTXRandomly turns off about 1 minute after starting bake.
4-12-2013JTP10GS3BGRalphLAF1 Error.
4-11-2013IvanGAcomputer is not working. no light
4-11-2013JKP27W0P3WGJNJF1 and buzzer sounds.
4-11-2013JKP13GP4BGTechTXWont reach temperature.
4-10-2013JKP45WT1WWJohnTNF1 code
4-10-2013JKP14WP2WGHerbMNWon't reach temperature.
4-10-2013LisaTXno bake
4-10-2013JKP27WP1CharlesALIntermittent F3.
4-9-2013JKP13GP4BGMikeOKpreheats and will not maintain the temperature
4-9-2013JKP13JoseCAF2 error seen intermittently
4-9-2013JKP26GOP1BLyle MILower oven works fine. Upper oven will not heat over 200. Replaced oven sensor
4-9-2013JKP26G0P2BGRobertWAF1 Error.
4-8-2013JKP14W0P2WGStuart CASet to bake and it will start to heat then shut off. Buzzing noise from relays during this time.
4-8-2013JKP26GP4BGTechTXwont heat
4-8-2013JKP14WP1WGTechNYnot holding temp, F2
4-8-2013JKP13G0P1BGAndrewNYF2 and F3 error codes.
4-5-2013TechTXOnly gets warm, won't cook.
4-5-2013JKP13GP2BGJesseTXHeats, but doesnt maintain temperature
4-5-2013JKP14W0P1WGBryanNYOven turns off, randomly locks door.
4-4-2013JKP27William L.MDoven wont hold temp
4-4-2013JKP26G0P2BGBruceFLOven won't heat all the way up to temp on bake setting.
4-3-2013JKP1360P4B6JasonGASuddenly failed after storm.
4-3-2013JKP26G0P1BGJohnNJTech says elements only getting 120V.
4-3-2013ChrisPAwont heat. bake stays at 100, broil does nothing
4-2-2013JKP13G0P2BGBillSCnot regulating temp
4-2-2013JKP26G0P2BGTechTXRandy. bake light comes on for a minute and then shuts off - unit doesn't heat.
4-2-2013WalterTXwont heat-- bake or broil wont work.
4-2-2013TechCANo bake*broil*display dim.
4-1-2013JKP26GP2BScottGAF1 error. Has seen F7 and F8 intermittently and replaced temp sensor.
4-1-2013JKP13GP1BGTechMIOven doesn't get up to temperature. Starts in bake at 230 degrees.
4-1-2013JKP27W0P2WGBeverlyMAF1 error code, beeping.
4-1-2013JKP14W0P2WGGaryTXIntermittent F2 and F3, sensor tests good.
3-29-2013JKP26GP2EdOKBake and broil buttons not functioning.
3-29-2013911.93352591PattyMOOven will not heat, cuts off after starting bake cycle.
3-29-2013JKP14WAnthonyTXIntermittent F3 errors.
3-29-2013JKP26G0P4BGLarryMIwon't reach temp
3-28-2013JTP13G0T1BBLeeCAoven shuts off shortly after being engaged
3-28-2013JKP13GP1BGCyrus SMDWon't reach temperature.
3-28-2013JKP26G0P4BGKenOHF1 error code
3-27-2013JKP13GT1BBDawnMDoven will not reach temp
3-27-2013JoeNYno info provided
3-27-2013JKP13G0P2BGSteveOHWon't come up to temp.
3-27-2013JKP14W0P1WGMarkLADoesn't heat, shuts off.
3-26-2013JTP11WP1WGScottTXgas oven wont ignite
3-26-2013JKPW0T1WWTom CABoard not getting up to temp.
3-26-2013JKP13RobynOHCustomer reports oven not reaching temperature.
3-26-2013JKP27NickILOven will not heat.
3-25-2013TechCOOven not working. Need ASAP.
3-25-2013JKP26GPJohnILF1 error code.
3-25-2013JKP13GP4BGTechTXF1 error code.
3-25-2013JKP13GP3BGTechCAbake, broil and clean will not program. display blinks but nothing else.
3-22-2013JKP14WP1WGCollinCAF1 error code, beeps.
3-22-2013JKP13G0P2BGTechNJF3 error code.
3-22-2013JKP13GPJoniKSF1 Error.
3-21-2013JKP13GP2BGJamesTXF2 & F3 error codes
3-21-2013JK360T1PBHarveyTXbeeps spontaneously and uncontrollably (akin to F1) even w*o keypad connected
3-21-2013JKP26GP2BGTechMOF3-- unit doesnt acknowledge oven sensor
3-20-2013JKP13GP2AndrewCAF1 Error. Please rush.
3-20-2013JKP14W0P1WGRichardKYF1 Error code.
3-20-2013JKP14WP2Mark SGABurning resistor smell.
3-20-2013JimINF1, wont turn off sometimes
3-19-2013TomFLoven shuts off after being set to temp
3-19-2013JJKP27W0P1WGRichardNCIntermittent F2 error code.
3-19-2013TechCAF1 error code.
3-19-2013JKP27WP1WGTechTXF1 Code
3-18-2013JSP28GP2B6TechNCF1 error code.
3-18-2013JKP26G0P4BGAssemVAF1 error code.
3-15-2013JKP13GP2BGRobertNCno bake, oven wont heat
3-15-2013JKP14W0P1WGDavidCAF1 error. Also occurs with keypad unplugged.
3-15-2013JKP27W0PMikeFLShuts off by itself.
3-15-2013JKP13GPJamesPAoven heats slowly and won't maintain temp
3-14-2013JKP26G0P1BryanMOF1 Error.
3-14-2013JKP13G0P1BGMarkKYOven won't reach proper temperature.
3-14-2013JKP14W0P2WGTechTXOven doesn't come on at all.
3-13-2013JKP14W0P1WGEdCAWon't reach temperature.
3-13-2013JTP13G0TJBBMichaelTXF7 error code,oven still operational.
3-13-2013JKP13GPDavidFLCustomer reports shutdown before reaching temperature.
3-13-2013JKP13G0P1BGBruceOHF1 error code.
3-12-2013JKP26G0P2BGBillCAControl is not sending voltage to bake or broil function, could be one of the relays.
3-12-2013JTP10GP3BGTimTXoven wont bake
3-12-2013JTP11WP3WGTonyPATemperature is off by 145 degrees.
3-11-2013JKP26GP2BGTechOHoven wont heat
3-11-2013TechMAunit turns off after a few minutes
3-11-2013JKP14W0P1WGJayCAWon't reach temperature.
3-8-2013JKP14W0P2WGTechTXBake intermittent.
3-8-2013JKP13G0P1BGMichaelFLBoard not responding properly.
3-8-2013DarleneCAno info provided
3-7-2013JKP27W0P2WGGangaCTF1 and F2 error codes.
3-7-2013JKP13G0P1BGKrinaWAF1 Error.
3-7-2013JKP13G0P1BGBarbaraGAWon't reach temperature, no timer.
3-6-20139119369181TechNCUnable to see display.
3-6-2013JKP27W0P2WGTomOKOven will not heat. Was intermittent, now constant.
3-6-2013JKP13G0P2BGKariMNDoes not reach temperature.
3-6-2013DavidALF1 error code.
3-5-2013JTP10GP3BGJamesORnot heating to temp
3-5-2013JohnNCF1 & f3
3-5-2013JKP26G0P1BGJeffNYWon't reach temp.
3-4-2013JKP14WP1WGTechCT"temp problem"
3-4-2013JKP14W0P3WGTechCABake and Broil won't work, turning itself off after 15 seconds
3-4-2013JKP14WP2WGMarcCAF1 Error
3-4-2013JKP27WA1WGTimMIwill not achieve requested temp. intermittent.
3-1-2013JKP13G0P2BGReddyNMShuts off early.
3-1-2013JKP13GPDavidPAOven shuts itself off.
3-1-2013JKP13G0P2BGBobMTOven starts to heat then shuts off.
3-1-2013JKP26GP4BGHarryARF1, no bake or broil