3-13-20139113128812MathewILno display
3-12-2013JGRC16GEL3BGChrisLAHouse received a power surge after Isaac, now heating element won't come on. Element was replaced to no effect, board might have burned out.
3-12-2013JGRC16ELBB6FrancesCAOven shuts off after 30 40 mins with F3 error
3-12-2013JGRS15GEL3BGLindaNJF1 error code.
3-11-2013JGRS15GELCliffordMNIntermittent F*F3 errors. Display brightness flickers.
3-11-2013911.3128812OlexanderCANo connection to power, no response.
3-11-2013JGRS15GEL3BIncOHDim display and sometimes won't reach temperature.
3-8-2013JGRC16GEL3BGTechGANot coming on bake or broil.
3-8-2013911.3128812JimmieOKcouldnt set temp
3-8-2013JGRC16GEL1BGEmilianoCAF3 error code.
3-8-2013JGRS15GELDonnaOHF1, temp not adjusting properly, keeps shutting off.