3-15-2013JoeNYF1 Error.
3-15-2013JGBP38GES1BBShirleyTXOven won't heat up.
3-14-20133627391594DavidALBake and Broil not coming on. Oven used daily, please install heavy duty parts.
3-14-2013362.7391591KimballINunit wont reach desired temp. new temp probe & igniter installed.
3-14-2013362739159JimMIF1 Error.
3-14-2013362.7391993James A.INcontrol not working at all. can't set clock or oven. please replace face as well.
3-13-2013362739199CarolCANot reaching temperature. Crack in keypad overlay.
3-13-2013362.7391591DanWAoven doesnt come up to temp
3-13-20133627391593ChristerMNWill not reach temp. F1 and F2 errors.
3-13-2013362739199RegisOHF1 Error.