3-14-2013JGBP35GEP3WGGennaroNJwon't reach set temp. sensor has been replaced.
3-14-2013JGBP35GEP3WGMary AnnWAF1 error code
3-14-2013JGB34GEP2ADJonathanVTWill not close bake or broil relays. Also clock button is difficult to make function.
3-13-2013JGBP34GEP5ADWilliamPAoven,broil buttons yield clicking noise but does not heat oven
3-13-2013RGB746GEN1JanILBake & Broil do not work.
3-13-2013JGBP34GE5ADJosephILF1 error code.
3-13-2013JGBP26GEN6ADVivianMOoven not heating to temp
3-12-2013JGBP35WEV2WWMichaelMIOven shuts off intermittently after being set
3-12-2013TechILTemperature is off
3-12-2013362736119DonaldCAWon't reach temperature.
3-11-2013JGBP35GEP3TechCONot heating.
3-11-2013XL44RichardNYF1 error code.
3-11-2013JGBP34GEV1WHJohnNYBake, broil, self-clean not functioning.
3-11-2013JGBP35GEP2WGRobertNYF1 error code.
3-8-2013JGBP35GEP3LeslieILF3 error code and oven shuts down.
3-8-2013JGBP34GEP5WHFrankCTF1 error
3-8-2013RogerMIWon't control temperature. Need ASAP
3-8-2013362.7361890JoeTXnot getting up to temperature properly
3-7-2013JGBP356EP4WGTechMIunit not heating up all the way to temperature, about 150 degrees off.
3-7-2013XL44MikeILF1 error, broken connector.
3-7-20133627361891TomOKnot heating to temp
3-6-20133627361193AllardINGives F1 error code after about 30 seconds.
3-6-2013JGBP26GEN2ADSueMDsudden blank display.
3-6-2013JGBP34GEP3ADDoyleTXNo power to bake or broil, had f2 code before changed temp sensor.