3-19-2013KSSC48FMS02TechCOfridge making buzzing noise, not cold enough, blinking lights. shuts evap fan on*off. overnight back to us ASAP!!
3-19-2013KSSC42QMS01ReneCAcontrol board making high pitched beep, not constant. Tech said it was a warning sign that board was on its way out.
3-19-2013KSSC42QMS01TechTXDisplay goes off and on with no evap or cond motor running.
3-18-2013KSS048QMB01TechTXVoltage is fluctuating and per wp tech line bad board.
3-18-2013KBL036FMX02TechTXdisplay flashes on and off. control beeps when cycling
3-18-2013KSSC36QMS01TechNVboard shorted
3-18-2013TechTXCompressor isn't powering up correctly, flashing display.
3-15-2013KSSC48QMS02TechCOfluctuating power. stuck in error mode.
3-15-2013KSCS25INBT00TechAZNeither fan will run.
3-15-2013KSSS42QMX01TechTXBoard shorted out, which shorted an inverter box and caused the compressor to lose power.
3-15-2013KSSO42QMB02KalaTXCircuit board causing flashing on instrument panel
3-14-2013KSSO42QMB02TechTXno voltage to evap fan motor for high speed, will not cycle into defrost
3-14-2013KSSC42QMS02TechAZPO 8330, not allowing unit to cool
3-14-2013KSSE48QMS01TechTXNot running fan, indicator lights blinking.
3-13-2013KSSC42QMS01TechCAwith not initiate defrost. erratic display & efm
3-13-2013KSSC48QMS01TechCAfailed. standard rebuild
3-13-2013KSS042QMB01TechFLWill not power compressor or fan.
3-12-2013KSCS25INSS00TechILCustomer: GarnHart, Meghan. Will not initiate defrost cycle.
3-12-2013KSCS23INSS00TechCONot cooling and beeping.
3-12-2013KSSC42QMS01KenTXcondenser fan motor not working, not cooling in fridge side
3-12-2013KSSC48QMS03Nathan TXdisplay is flickering, advised to replace main board
3-11-2013KBLC36FMS01TechTXNo power to board, think it was bad evap motor.
3-11-2013KSSC48QMS01TechCAnot cooling
3-11-2013KSCS25INSS07TechCAnot working
3-8-2013GC5NHAXVY01TechTXEvap frosts over after a few weeks. Board is not going into defrost all the time.
3-8-2013TechTXcondenser fan not operating
3-8-2013TechTXUnit is not getting consistent voltage to the condenser fan motor.
3-7-2013KSSS48QMX01TechTXNot functioning correctly, constantly kicks on and off.
3-7-2013KSCS25INSS02TechTXRelay board beeping and not passing power to fan motor.
3-7-2013LiTXTech said may be power supply issue. Unit was intermittently turning on*off. Now off. Need by weekend.
3-7-2013KSSS36QMX03TechTXevap motor on*off. display on*off*
3-6-2013ChanceTXlights blinking. condenser fan not working properly
3-6-2013KSSC42QMS03TechAZevap fan motor runs, slows down and then stops- repeats
3-6-2013KSSO48FMX03BenTXfront panel blinks, LEDs come on and off. turns on and shuts off
3-6-2013TechTXFan not working, possible relay.
3-5-2013KSSC36QMS02TechCAauto defrost wont initiate and evaporator fan is intermittent.
3-5-2013KSSC48QMS01TechTXbeeping constantly and not running motors
3-5-2013KSSC48QMS01JimTXEvaporator fan doesn't work.
3-5-2013TechTXboard is beeping and user interface is blinking. unable to put into diagnostics