3-14-2013KESC307HBT4TechWAThe door unlock relay doesn't open the solenoid.
3-14-2013TechTXNo bake.
3-14-2013KESC307HBS5TechUTF5 E3 error- loss of ground. Touchpad is unresponsive.
3-13-2013KESC307RodgerOHoriginal problem was that back bake element wasn't heating. Then customer accidentally shorted the leads that feed the element and suspects this may have caused additional damage...likely so.
3-13-2013KESC307HBS4ChrisWAdisplay was very bright and then died. oven was hooked up incorrectly.
3-13-2013KESC307HBT4RayINBake and broil arent working
3-13-2013KESC307HWH4KenCOOven quit working.
3-12-2013KGST307HSB4TechGAbake and broil are not coming on. Self clean isnt working. accidentally went into self-clean, oven overheated and locked. when cooled, the display was blank and control was unresponsive.
3-12-2013KGRT607HBS4TechUToven won't come out of self-clean
3-12-2013KGST307HBL3RichardCOoven bake relay bad. oven wont heat up