3-13-2013KEBC208KSS02JiaNYBeeps but no display, no functions.
3-13-2013KEBC208KSS03DavidVAFailed due to surge from electrical storm. Included keypad, 2 transformers and control board.
3-13-2013TechILRebuild as needed.
3-13-2013TechILBad Board.
3-12-2013KEBC208KSS03TechCONot heating.
3-12-2013KEBC207KSS05MichaelFLoven dead after nearby lightning strike
3-12-2013KEBC208KSS02SureshchandraFLDisplay started fading but heat still worked, then the next day display completely dead, and no heat.
3-12-2013KEBC247VBLDonnaTXoven just quit working one day
3-11-2013KEBC247KSS05CharlesALIndicating door open, micro switches ok.
3-11-2013KEBC247KSS05TechTXUpper oven not working.
3-11-2013KEBC208KSS03TechCORibbon cable locking clamp missing.
3-11-2013KEBV208MMT00ScottCONo power, burning smell.