3-13-2013TechCOF2 error code.
3-13-2013BenTXoven isnt heating.
3-13-2013SVE47600PTechCADead, no led or function.
3-12-2013SVD48600PChristopher MAOven & broil do not work
3-12-2013SVD48600PMichaelALoven wont come on - shuts off after trying to turn on
3-12-201371002959ShannonMIconvection oven doesnt work.
3-11-2013SVD48600PTechINBlank Display, Fan board chattered. Sent main board & relay.
3-11-2013SVD48600PTechNYshorted board with a screw driver
3-11-2013SVD48600PBobbieCTwont heat
3-8-2013SVD48600PMarkTXBake won't work. Bake element shorted out. Replaced element, but now the bake element doesn't get the full 240 volts. Please replace the relays on the control as well.
3-8-2013SVD48600PNancyMOOven will not heat at all.
3-8-2013SVD48600PTerryCODisplay bank, and buzzing. Included relay board.
3-8-2013SVD48600PScottTXRange makes a humming noise constantly
3-7-2013SVD48600PPeytonNCoven stopped working.
3-7-2013SVD48600PTechCaliforniaOven wont turn on & heat up
3-7-2013TechMIBoard dead.
3-7-2013SVD48600PGailPAControl board is dead
3-6-2013SVD486001VictorCAboard not going into self-clean. Please notify by EMAIL when board is ready.
3-6-2013SVD48600PTechNCOven wont heat past 200 degrees
3-6-2013SVD48600PJamesVAblown erc
3-6-2013SVD48600PDerickMEoven will not heat up