3-12-2013CWG3100AAEHenryCAbutton on the housing is broken. needs a board rebuild as well.
3-12-2013CWG3100AAEJohnLAWill not come on, light works.
3-12-2013CWG3100AABGlennNYoven wont turn on, no power to igniter
3-11-2013CWG3100AABRyszardILF5 and oven won't heat.
3-11-2013CWG3100AABTechTXintermittent operation of igniter
3-11-2013GWG3100AABSamTXF3 and F5 error code after 30 minutes at 400 degrees.
3-8-2013CWG3100AAESteve CAF3 error code, sometimes F5.
3-8-2013CWG3100AABTechMDboard shorted
3-8-2013DanHInone provided.
3-8-2013CWG3100AAETechTXF3 error code appears when temp gets up to 400 degrees
3-7-2013CWG3100AAETechCAControl board shorted out
3-7-2013RicardoTXf3 f5
3-7-2013CWG3100AAETechLANo bake
3-7-2013CWG3100AAETechTXf3 after preheat