3-13-2013CWE9000BCBMichael NCunit works intermittently
3-13-2013RB262PXAQ5DavidVANo power to part of board, bottom element not heating.
3-12-2013W131WTechORunit not heating
3-12-2013W131WSteveNo display after self-clean and shorted element.
3-12-2013MarthaTXFlips breaker and broil comes on for about 1 hour.
3-12-2013W131WBillTXDisplay gradually went dark. Inside light not coming on.
3-11-2013W131LonnieTXControl panel lights don't work.
3-11-2013LeonardTXWent dead after*during power outage in neighborhood.
3-11-2013W131WTechTXNo display, no bake
3-11-2013CWE9000BPaulFLBlank display.
3-8-2013CWE9000BCEDavidMNOven display went dead, looks like display is burned out.
3-8-2013W131WTechTXBroil relay sticking. Broil element not working
3-8-2013CWE9000BCMTechTX1st no broil, now the broil won't cut off.
3-8-2013W131WKenKSWill not reach temperature.
3-7-2013W131WTechSCNo Display.
3-7-2013RB262PXAB3JacobWIWill not heat.
3-7-2013W131WCaroleTXDisplay stopped working suddenly.
3-7-2013W131WRayTXnot coming on at all