3-20-2013W131BMarkMNF1 error code.
3-20-20139875VRVTechCAnone provided
3-20-2013W131WMattILShort cylces, bake will not heat.
3-19-2013RCM48JW-14TKenSDrebuild per FYB recommendation
3-19-2013DawayneMDPlease refurbish ans send back like new!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3-19-2013W131BRobertTXOven not reaching temperature.
3-19-2013RB262PXAQ1TechTXWill not reach temperature.
3-18-2013CWE9600BCBSueFLnot heating to temp. throwing F1
3-18-2013W131BJDTXF1 error w keypad connected, but not with keypad disconnected. J2 connector is loose and temperature control is intermittent.
3-18-20139875XRBClydeLAF1 and PF code won t reach temp beeps
3-15-2013W131BDarrelTXOven not reaching temperature. Leave buzzer disconnected.
3-15-2013W131WMikeFLshows error code (not specified) .. wont operate
3-15-2013TechTXwont reach temperature
3-15-2013FredTXunit wont reach temp. beeping
3-14-20139875XRBLeslieNHBroiler quit working, then oven stopped heating. Random F1 codes.
3-14-2013TechTXstarts beeping when not in use
3-14-20139875VRVTechCAF5 Error code
3-14-2013W131WTechWAf2, f3
3-13-2013W131BMichaelCAF1 error.
3-13-2013W131BIanTXWon't reach temperature. D*o and p*u at OHA.
3-13-20139875XRBRickCAF1. oven engages but does not heat to temp.
3-12-20139875VRWTechNJF1 and F3 error codes, intermittent operation.
3-12-20139475VRVJMTXF1 error code, bake will not activate.
3-12-2013W131BArleneNYOven beeps, F1 and F10 error codes.
3-12-2013DavidTXno information provided
3-11-2013TechTXClock blank, cooling fan runs.
3-11-2013W131WTechAZIntermittent F1 code.
3-11-2013TechTXOven not working
3-11-2013CWE9000BCBLisa ANJF1 error code.
3-8-2013W131BToddNECooling fan not running. Oven does not get to the temperature displayed.
3-8-2013JohnTXNo Bake or Broil
3-8-2013DierdreSCNot heating properly.
3-8-2013W131BTechTXoven shuts off, doesnt heat.
3-7-2013CWE9000BCBTechORwill not reach temp
3-7-2013JGBP34GEV5WHLarryVANo display, bake and broil control on timer non-functional.
3-7-2013W131WGaryTXF1 error.
3-7-2013CWE9000BCETechTNF1 error code
3-6-2013EdwardILwont reach temp. F1
3-6-2013RB262PXAQ1TechCAnot responding. fan wont turn off
3-6-2013LWE9000BLETechUTOven won't reach temperature.
3-6-2013W131BScottKSOven not reaching temperature
3-5-2013W131WDanielMOF5 error code.
3-5-2013W131BGeorgeVAF1 error code and beeping.
3-5-2013CWE9000GionFLThrows F1 intermittently, won't reach temperature.
3-5-20139875XRBRickCAF1 code, won't reach temp.
3-4-2013CM47F-14T-02RobertORdrops out of bake mode after approx. one minute of having been set - element does not get warm.
3-4-20139875VRVFrankCTOven not reaching temperature
3-4-2013CWE9000BCBKevinOKF1 and F2 error codes. Cycled power and now board is burnt.