3-15-201359F-JTXWTechCAdoest reach desired temp.
3-14-201359F-5TXWLee LNJRelay board burn out. Temperature off by 100 deg. Attempted self-repair.
3-14-2013CWE9000ACEJimINF1 error code.
3-14-201359F-5TXWJoeCAWill not heat or broil.
3-14-201359FN-5TVWLindaCATurns itself on to Broil, had to shut down at breaker.
3-13-201359FN-5TVWRichardWIHeating is 100 deg too low.
3-13-201359F-5TXWDouglasNYF2 error code.
3-13-2013JohnCAoven wont heat
3-13-201359F-5TXWDarrylORWill not keep temperature.
3-12-2013CWE900JohnCAOven shorted by power surge.
3-12-201359F5TXWTechCAself clean not working
3-12-201359F-5TXWMartin A.ORw*panel and microwave control. Oven does not heat, uwave fan turns on by itself.
3-12-201359FN-5TVWEarlMSOven temperature will not hold and turns off early.
3-11-2013CWE9000ACBTechCAtemp readout is 100 degrees too high
3-11-201359F-5TXWJoycePANot heating properly.
3-11-201359FN-5TVWBruceTXBoard not responding, display dead.
3-11-201359F-5TXWJohnWIWon't reach temperature.
3-8-2013CWE9000ACBJonOHOnly heats to 200 deg, self clean button sticking.
3-8-2013CWE900BruceTXIntermittent operation, won't reach temperature. Forwarded relay board *.
3-8-201359F-5TZXWMDeniceMIWon't reach temperature.
3-8-201359F-5TXWKevinMIAll controls stopped working except reset*clear button. No control for setting temperature.
3-7-201359F-5TXWJerryLAdrops out of bake mode. display seems dimmer than normal
3-7-2013CWE900ACEStevens P.CAWon't reach temperature.
3-7-2013CWE900DanielMDOven wont heat up to temperature properly. There is also some material blocking the holes where the button posts go.
3-6-201359F-5TXWJohnMAHeats then shuts off. How to reinstall the reset button plunger?
3-6-2013CWE9000ACEKleeWAF1 error code. No bake.
3-6-2013ECWE900AlanNCnot heating to temp. sensor checks out.
3-6-2013CWE9000ACETechILF4 error code, no bake.