3-20-2013W305BTechOHDim panel, not always responsive
3-20-2013RDFS30QWCharlesALControl board stopped working.
3-20-2013RDSS30TechSCTimer & clock illegible - too dim to read
3-19-2013RDDS30VBrian A.ORSwitches to broil during bake, intermittent bake, broil stopped working.
3-19-2013RDSF30RSNancyMAoven does not reach proper temp
3-19-2013RDDS30VQBJackRIOven does not heat.
3-19-2013RDSS30QWTechVANo display.
3-18-2013RES30RSTechCTdim display
3-18-2013RDDS30VTechCOOven not going over 100 degrees.
3-18-2013RES30RSTechMONot coming on all the time and display dim.
3-15-2013JoannaMEF1 and overheats.
3-15-2013REF30ScottMIvery dim display
3-15-2013RDDS30VQWAnnMOwont turn off, heat stays on. cant use the timer.
3-15-2013RED30VSharynFLBake doesn't work-bottom burner won't come on, but top one will.
3-14-2013RDDS30VRSPamelaNYrelay is only putting out 110 volts, not 220
3-14-2013RDSS30RSHughNJpower surge in home-- F1 & Beeping
3-14-2013RDDS30VDavidMAF1, F3 error codes, temperature out of control. Return via Fedex label enclosed.
3-14-2013RDF30QBFredMAbake will turn on, but will not cycle off. Sometimes top broiler would come on too. Digital readout is dim, can't see temp readout.
3-13-2013RDDS30VRSDavidALoven will not heat
3-13-2013RDSS30RSTomNJF1 error code, beeps, after power outage.
3-13-2013RES30RSTechALCan't read display.
3-13-2013RDDS30VQBTechILOven is not heating up, board is not letting it. Bake relay not signalling element.
3-12-2013RDDS30VQBTechORBlank display.
3-12-2013RDSS30TechMAunit has no bake in oven, suddenly occurred.
3-12-2013RES30RSAndrewNJno bake
3-12-2013RDSS30RSMarilynNHBoard malfunctioning
3-11-2013RDDS30VQBTechCARelay is out, had a broil fire
3-11-2013RDDS30VQRobINbake element not heating
3-11-2013RDFS30QSLeroyMEVery dim display, wont heat over 300
3-11-2013RDSS30RSTechVTF1, not working at all
3-8-2013TechCOOven not heating.
3-8-2013RDF30QBFrank UKheating element does not come on
3-8-2013RDFS30RSRosalindKYno heat on bottom element when convection oven is turn on.
3-7-2013RDDS30VQBAmiFLF1 error code, oven won't function.
3-7-2013RDSS30RSDennisMAOven wont reach temp
3-7-2013RDSS30TeresaMAoven will not heat
3-7-2013RSS30RSTechNYF1 error code. Board is dead
3-6-2013RED30VRSLeslieMAoven wont heat above 120 degrees
3-6-2013RED30VQWJerrySCSelf clean showing door Be careful w mounting tabs already cracked
3-6-2013RDSS30RS-02JulietORbake element isnt heating
3-6-2013RDDS30VTechCADisplay is dim, oven works fine.
3-5-2013RDF30RSMarekMAf1 error code, no power
3-5-2013RED30RS01TechMIOven will not heat on bake.
3-5-2013RDFS30QWRobertVTBoard is dead, no lights or clock display or beep response.
3-5-2013RDDS30VRSPasqualeNJintermittent bake, self clean will not work. Will not turn on oven, element not igniting properly.