3-18-2013KEBC207KBL0TechCABottom oven will not unlock, top will not heat. F1 error code.
3-18-2013KEBC208KBS0RandeeCOWill lock up with no functions until power down, time bake and self clean will not turn off, and using temp probe will shut down unit and requires restart.
3-18-2013KEBC207BKL0JimPAShorted convection heating element caused failure, no display or power.
3-15-2013KEBC208KBS0LukeGADisplay is out, buttons respond with beeps.
3-15-2013KEBC276KBL0Joseph CAE0 F2.
3-15-2013KEBS207DBL7DavidGAdead after cleaning cycle.
3-15-2013KEBC278KBS0BrendanTXE5 F2 error code, dim*no display.