3-15-2013RBS305PDQ12TechTXoven went into self-clean by itself and locked out the user. After throwing breaker, normal control function seems to have been restored, but no elements engage in cook*clean modes.
3-15-2013RBS245PDQ12WilliamOKpower outage and brown-out. fans stays running and oven wont heat. E3F1.
3-14-2013GBS277PDB6TechTXoven won't turn off, goes into clean cycle.
3-14-2013GBS307PDS6TechTXno preheat, no bake*fluctuating VAC, intermittent broil, intermittent convection fan
3-14-2013GBD307PDB7TechCATurns off after pressing start. Fan runs constantly
3-14-2013RBD275PDQ12TechTXbake or broil will not come on
3-13-2013RBS275PDB12AlGAclock doesnt keep correct time
3-13-2013Aida TXOven does not heat over 200 degrees, display suddenly showed random letters and numbers.
3-13-2013RBS275PDQ12TechTXTurns on by itself. Locks door, temp not stable. Possible stuck relays.