3-14-2013RBD305PDQ6JohnTXOverheats in bake mode burns food Display says clean
3-14-2013RBD305PDBGTechNVBoard needs to be rebuilt.
3-14-2013Janet TXOven control board not working.
3-13-2013RBD305PDB6TechTXoven will not come on, will not respond to commands
3-13-2013RBD245PDB6TechNCNo info provided.
3-13-2013RBD305PDQ6JohnTXno display. power to board is good
3-13-2013RBD275PDB6Jason OKCustomer self-cleaned oven for first time in 12 years and it stopped working.
3-12-2013TechTXUnit stays on Bake & Broil until all fuses blow from heat
3-12-2013RBD275PDB6TechTXdisplay and oven light not working
3-12-2013TechAZError code , not baking.
3-12-2013RBD245PDQ6ScottNYlost power to board
3-11-2013RBD305PDQ6KevinCOIntermittent, turns on won't shut off. Switched to broil from bake or to self-clean.
3-11-2013RBD245PDB6TechNMdim display, can't set clock
3-11-2013TechCOoven isnt heating to temperature
3-11-2013DavidTXUpper oven broil isnt cutting off
3-8-2013RBD276PDB6JohnMOOven would go into self-clean in the middle of cooking, now upper oven will not get hot but you can set temperature.
3-8-2013GBD307PDQ10BillNVblank display-- when heating up, it stopped & shut off.
3-8-2013RBD275PDB6RonILPower to board, but not through board. Panel had been broken during removal. Customer is aware that we can fix the electronics, but not the panel.
3-8-2013RBD305PDQ6TechTXTech = Vince. Fan stays on all the time
3-7-2013RBD245PDB6TechTXe1-F5 and clicking sound
3-7-2013EddieTXIntermittent operation. Shipped w*keypad.
3-7-2013RBD245PDB6LannyTXF2 E2 top&bottom oven. error is persistent despite new keypad and cleaned ribbon. oven sensors are good.
3-7-2013RBD245PRTechTXLoose element blew breaker.
3-6-2013RBD245PDQ6TechTXblank display
3-6-2013RBD305PDB6TechTXtop oven goes into self clean when in use
3-6-2013TechTXDid self clean and oven has no power.
3-6-2013GBD307PDS1Doug and LisaOHIntermittent operation.
3-5-2013RBD306PDB06TechAZUpper and lower ovens will not hold temp.
3-5-2013RBD276PDB6TechTXOverheats in bake mode burns food Display says clean
3-5-2013RBD275PDQ6TechTXIntermittent, turns on won't shut off. F0 E0.