3-15-2013RBS245PDQ6JoelMNBake gives Custom Broil, intermittent display, trouble with light and clock buttons.
3-14-2013PhillipGARebuild board.
3-14-2013RBS275PDB6RickyTXAfter self clean buttons not working
3-14-2013RBS305PDBGTechCAControl Board is Blackout.
3-14-2013RBS275PDB6TechTXUp temp causes temperature to go down.
3-13-2013RBD305PDB6Techtemp wont go above 350 degrees
3-13-2013RBS305PDQ6TechTXalways on, wont cycle off at temp. blank display
3-13-2013TechTXunit not heating
3-13-2013GeorgeTxProvide rebuilt control board.