3-14-2013KEBS208DSS8PhilILBlank Display, Keypad isnt Responsive E6 F2
3-13-2013KEBS277DBL8RobertTXblank display, buttons beep when pressed.
3-13-2013KEBS207DWH8JohnCADisplay has always been dim. One day it went completely blank, but the oven was still operable. When pulling the board, decided to wiggle some contacts out of curiosity and control was restored. after a few heat cycles the control failed again with error beep codes
3-13-2013KEBS208DSS7MarkWANo time of day display, intermittent E6-F2.
3-13-2013KEBS277DBLBTechTXturns off after being set. dim display
3-12-2013KEBS278DSS7ForrestCAE6-F2, blank display.
3-12-2013KEBS278DSSBEliotCANo display, beeps. w*keypad.
3-12-2013KEBS208DBL8RakeshTXOven not getting up to temp. Worked for a long time with F1 or F2 error code, finally failed.
3-12-2013KEBS208DSS8KellyCAE6F2, dimming display. Broke ribbon locking bar, and wiring connector harness lock - requesting replacement.
3-11-2013KEBS2DonILE6 F2. (also E1 F2?)
3-11-2013KEBS278DSS7TJSCE6 F2 error code, check display brightness & replace plastic spacer.
3-8-2013KEBS208DBS7StephanOHOven ceased functioning due to inability to program commands through board. Display is mostly blank but will occasionally respond to attempts to program with random display responses.
3-7-2013StephenCATest keypad first. If it is good - rebuild board.
3-7-2013KEBS208DSS7TechTNRebuild board.
3-7-2013TechCOThe range is not heating.
3-7-2013KEBS278DSS8Lisa A. MOclock display was always dim, but now it's completely out. E5F2 would occur occasionally over last year. now no display at all and error beep codes.
3-6-2013KEBS207DBL7TechTXdisplay is very dim
3-6-2013Earl TXDim display, occasional E6 F2 error.
3-6-2013KEBC208HWH0JamesOKDisplay not working, have had E1-F4.
3-6-2013KenMIE6-F2, blank display, intermittent operation.