3-13-2013J.R.VAHad a power surge.
3-13-2013RMC305PDQ1MarkGAbake element wont heat
3-13-2013RMC275PDB1SteveCAMicrowave stopped heating.
3-12-2013RMC305PDLenNCBeeper not working.
3-12-2013RMC305PDB2TechAZ"When using microwave
3-12-2013RMC305PDQ2Brian A.ORNo power to Magnetron.
3-12-2013RMC275PDB1TechLABoard shorted out
3-11-2013MarkWAdoesnt reach desired temperature
3-11-2013RMC305PDB7ArmandoFLMicrowave control not working. Send keypad as follow on.
3-11-2013RMC305PDB4JerryUTOven will not turn off.
3-11-2013RMC305PDQ1TechTXoven working ok. no power from board to microwave xfrm...microwave not heating
3-8-2013RMC305PDB2GregALNo display.
3-8-2013RMC275PDTechAZNot Heating
3-8-2013RMC305PD02TechAZNot heating
3-8-2013RMC305PDZBillCASelf cleaning oven doesn't work, no power to latch. Repairman found burnt resistor on control board.