3-18-2013RBD305PDB1TechTX"4 fuses (box looking things) on back left are bad. bake and broil functions not working." warped touch-panel needs to be reset or replaced. Call w quote if it can be fixed before starting repair
3-18-2013RBD305PDQ3RitaILError codes, display dim.
3-15-2013RBD305ChristopherGAE2 f6 and then E2 F2 error code.
3-15-2013RBD305PDQ4TechTXAfter a power surge, unit wont come on
3-15-2013RBD305PDB2TechLACheck relays for upper oven and for blower operation in clean cycle.
3-15-2013RBD277PDB1KarelILF2 error and it seems that metal connectors missing on ribbon attachment
3-14-2013RBD305PDQ4TechTXBlower fan runs continuously, will not shut off.
3-14-2013RBD275PDB2TechTXBoth Ovens arent heating
3-14-2013RBD306PDB1MichaelTXDisplay intermittent blanking.
3-14-2013RBD245PDQ2James KTXDisplay intermittent.
3-13-2013RBD275PDQ4JoeTXoven and clock dead
3-13-2013RBD306PDB4TechTXdead, no display at all
3-13-2013RBD305PDB4ThadNYintermittently works. oven shuts off after a few minutes
3-13-2013RBD305PDQ2RobertOHBlank display - will briefly illuminate if pressing on or twisting control. oven shuts off intermittently during operation. vent fan intermittently comes on when oven is off.
3-12-2013RBD305PD04TechCAnot heating to temp
3-12-2013RBD305PDQ4DonTXNo power to board
3-12-2013DonaldFLblank display. quit working.
3-12-2013RBD275PDQ1RichardCAdisplay is intermittent.
3-11-2013RBD245PDB1EarnieMODid not come back on after power outage.
3-11-2013RBD305PDQ3TechCALights fade and no control.
3-11-2013RBD305PDB2RonaldGA""stopped working
3-8-2013TechTXBroil relay loose.
3-8-2013RBD275PD02BruceTXno display-board not responding.
3-8-2013RBD275PDB2MarciNCIntermittent display. Shipped w*keypad.
3-8-2013RBD305PDQ6TechTXoven temp isnt stable. it isnt reaching temperature
3-7-2013RBD305PDQ2TechORdisplay not working. not keeping correct temp
3-7-2013RBD305PDB1TechTXFailed after self clean.
3-7-2013RBD245PDQ4RoyGABottom oven turned off after cooking on bake for 1 hr as set. Top broiler element remained on after oven was off. I did smell electrical wires burning. Broiler element on top of lower oven stays on after circuit breaker was reset.
3-7-2013RBD307PDB4DavidMDno description of board problem. also requesting that we "do something with the touchpad"
3-6-2013RBD307PDQ2RichardTXoven works but can only read display if pressing on bezel underneath the temp set button
3-6-2013AnnILBought used oven, will not turn on.
3-6-2013RBD305PDB4DesleyMOUpper cooling fan blower won't run. Call repairman for any questions (* Vic William).
3-5-2013LeonardTXNo Information provided
3-5-2013RBD275PDB1JohnTXNo power, dead.
3-5-2013RBD275PDB4TechTXoven won't come on at all
3-5-2013RBD275PDQ2AdrianTXUpper oven TOD blew: opened control fuse and door center glass...replaced TOD, fuse, and glass. When upper oven gets to 350, it stabilizes for 10 min before going to clean (locked door and full power to broil element), and can only be stopped by cutting breaker. Simply turning on the LOWER oven forces the same clean mode reaction in the UPPER oven. verified with DVM that all elements, fuses, fans, switches, keypad, and transformer are running at spec. replaced all electrolytic caps - no change in symptoms.