3-15-2013RichardTXWill not go into bake, but goes into broil instead.
3-15-2013DarrenFLPower on, functions not responding.
3-15-2013RBS305PDB2JamesINError codes. Included membrane (removed from panel).
3-15-2013RBS305PDB1JoseTXCustomer reports oven shuts off intermittently and displays errors. Only one vent blower comes on. No heat.
3-14-2013RBS245PDQ4TechNCBake & broil arent coming on
3-14-2013RBS275PDBTechCANo power to board.
3-14-2013RhondaTXRefurb if necessary. Test to make sure not a keypad failure.
3-14-2013RS696PXEB0TechNEOven control giving E*F3 error code. Oven wouldn't turn off*on