3-14-2013KEBSCariOHA lightning strike fried the board.
3-13-2013KEBS278DSS6TechTXDead after a lightening strike.
3-13-2013TechCAF1-E3 on display. No s*c on both ovens.
3-13-2013KEBS247DBL4TechTXNo power to elements, bad relay
3-12-2013KEBS207DBL6TechINF3 error code.
3-12-2013KEBS277DBL8TechCOnot heating, power fails. resetting sometimes works
3-12-2013KEBSTechTXDoes nothing.
3-12-2013KEBS277DAL4HarryGAStarts by itself.
3-11-2013KEBS207DWH6TechMDpower to board, but blank display
3-11-2013KEBS277DBT6DavidTXDisplay out.
3-11-2013KEBS277DBL4TechTXErratic temperature control. Relays look worn.
3-8-2013KEBS277DWH2TechTXOven temperature not regulated properly.
3-8-2013KEBS207DWH2TechCOmaking noise like oven is going to turn on
3-8-2013KEBS247DBL4RogerILoven isnt responsive to commands
3-7-2013KEBS278DSS6TechAZF3 and F0.. Upper oven died
3-7-2013KEBS278DBS6RandalMONo power, blew fuse.
3-7-2013IvanGAgets power but doesnt work
3-7-2013KEBS278DBL4TechINshuts off during bake cycle. upper oven intermittent problem. dim display as well.
3-6-2013KED5207BBL6TechTXToo hot. Keypad one not working.
3-6-2013KEBS207DBL6MichaelSelf clean blew thermal fuse then E0 F2 code
3-6-2013KEBS247DBL4TechTXTemperature shows 50 degrees off, shuts off during heat.
3-6-2013KEBS278DBS6RobertWABoard dead after power surge.