3-14-2013ZafarjonCAShipped w*keypad. Board and keypad not working.
3-14-2013TechAZ2 x 4448868 with dim displays.
3-13-2013KEBI276DWH1TechTXCustomer used self clean, oven turned dead. I installed new thermo fuse, now it turns on again but if you try to use it, it works for a few seconds then stops heating and displays E0 code. Also the clock is very dim.
3-13-2013KEBI276DBL6RobertGACircuit board shorted at fuse location. Lower oven not warming. Display is dim.
3-13-2013KEBI276DBLFrankWICustomer reported dim display.
3-12-2013KEBI276DBL4TechTXDisplay dim.
3-12-2013KEBI206DBL6JimVAhouse struck by lightning, oven no longer works
3-12-2013KEBI276DBL2EdwardFLCustomer reported dim display.
3-12-2013KEBI206DWH6DanILDead after power outage.