3-15-2013RM770PXA00TechMIblower motor keeps running even when the door is closed.
3-15-2013RM770PXA00PhilNCLight, turntable and fan will not shut off.
3-15-2013RM770PXAQ0JohnOHWill not always turn off.
3-14-2013RM770PXBB2Brett INAfter a cook cycle, closes door, but everything (fan, turntable, light) keeps running
3-14-2013RM770PXAQ0Ron CAMicrowave fan runs whenever the door is closed.
3-14-2013RM770PXAStevenILLight, turntable and fan will not shut off after cooking cycle. Turntable and fan shut off when door opened.
3-14-2013RM770PXAB0TechTXContinues to run.