3-25-2013ARGS7650EFrancesWADisplay goes to 550.
3-25-2013ARG7800WWStephenNCblank display
3-22-2013ARGS7650CCAlan LAPlastic housing is cracked, Pin is also burnt*melted
3-22-2013ARGS7650SSTonyIAOven shuts off, won't reach temp. Ignitor won't light. Shipped w*o faceplate.
3-22-2013ACS3350ASTechCADoor latch stuck, burned connector pin.
3-22-2013ARG7800EDonIDNon Responsive
3-21-2013ARG7800SSTechILBoard shuts off after temperature is set.
3-21-2013ARGS7650WNRonaldMNBake will not work, no voltage from board to ignitor.
3-21-2013ARGS7650SSTechCAboard malfunction
3-21-2013ACS3350ASFloraCAPlastic case has melted, need replacement. Board works fine.
3-20-2013ACS3350AMikeMIOverlay broken, customer has new overlay.
3-20-2013ARGS7650EPaul or DonnaMIbake, broil not working
3-20-2013ARGS7650SSDavidCAF9. Smokes when trying to latch
3-20-2013Kate MEOven shuts off after short period, bake non-functional
3-19-2013TechOHno display
3-19-2013Bobby FLBlank Display
3-19-2013ARG7800EShane CAintermittent F3 error code, occasionally F2.
3-19-2013ARGS7600DaveCODisplay dark.
3-18-2013ACS3350ASJimCAControl shuts off about 30-60 min after baking, blinking like there was a power outage.
3-18-2013ACS3350SteveWAControl goes blank without any fault code after about 1 hour @ 375 degrees, then returns to normal functions after another half hour.
3-18-2013ACS3350TechNYBoard not controlling temperature, too hot.
3-18-2013ARGS7650LLTechUToven not working. up arrow on faceplate broken in.
3-15-2013ACS3350ASTechUTboard isnt sending power to igniter. shuts off when oven or control are turned on
3-15-2013ACS3350ASBrian A.ORdisplay goes blank intermittently
3-15-2013ARGS7650SSTechCANo bake or broil.
3-15-2013ACS3350AnthonyNJIntermittent power.
3-14-2013ACS3350GeorgeCARepair or replace housing. Replace overlay. Won't go below 315 F.
3-14-2013ARG7800ETechNEoven isnt working
3-14-2013ACS3350ASTechCORandomly shuts off while baking.
3-13-2013ACS3350ASTechNYIntermittent operation.
3-13-2013ACS3350MichaelCADoesn't reach temperature. Advise if new overlay is required.
3-13-2013ARGS7650WWChuck Jr.KYelements not heating
3-13-2013ACS3350ASChanningCOF4 shows on BAKE and BROIL. Please check entire board for any other damage. Please read customer comments.
3-12-2013ACS3350RichardNCOven turns off during bake cycle.
3-12-2013ARGS7650SSMichaelCAIntermittent operation. Burn mark in corner of display.
3-12-2013ARGS7650SSArthurCADisplay blanks out, oven stays on.
3-12-2013ARGS7650KurtWAturned on to preheat oven..display went blank and smoke came out, smelling like plastic. Quit working altogether
3-11-2013ARGS7650SSTechAKF3 and unit shuts off.
3-11-2013ARGS7650WWTechCAerratic F3 code. during use, oven temp readout goes blank. then oven shuts off.
3-11-2013ACS3350ASDeane J.TXShuts off after 30 mins. Starts working again after cool down. Customer noted cracked plastic guide on connector.
3-11-2013ACS3350ASMichaelMINon-functional oven.
3-8-2013ACS3350ASNancyCAF3 error.
3-8-2013ARGS7600WWJoeILNot working.
3-8-2013ACS3350ASDougMIRuns and intermittently shuts off.
3-8-2013ARGS7650EEricOHF3 error, replaced sensor. Overlay damaged.
3-7-2013ACS3350ASTechshuts off after 5 min
3-7-2013ARG7800LLTechPAUnit does not work.
3-7-2013ARG7800WWThomas W.NCBake and Broil burners don't work.
3-6-2013ACS3350ASKathleenILInitially would turn off after a few minutes. Now will not turn on.
3-6-2013ARGS7650WWTechUTControl display won't light.
3-6-2013ACS3350ASTechCANo bake or broil.
3-6-2013MichaelMI2)Power supply out. customer leaves door open after using.
3-5-2013ACS3350ABBrianMAOven shuts off randomly.
3-5-2013ARGS7650WWDennisNCoven reaches set temp but will not maintain. F3 error code. sensor has been replaced twice.
3-5-2013ACS3350ABMichaelMI1) "obvious"
3-5-2013ARG7600LDavidILDisplay blank, non-functional.
3-4-2013ACS3350ASSandyDCOven works fine, just one button on panel broke off. My handiman glued it back on with 2-part plastic epoxy.
3-4-2013ACS3350ABTechNMPlastic case is broken. Please check board as well.
3-4-2013ACS3350ASLarryPABoard will not activate the oven bake function, just shuts off and blanks display instead.