3-15-2013RB770PXYQJohnMEOven never reaches set point 70 100 deg low
3-14-2013RB260PXYQKeithTNBlown after power surge.
3-14-2013RB270PXYB0EduardoNVPower spike caused a failure. Now the time flashes and control beeps.
3-14-2013RF385PXY0Philip RMEOven won't turn on.
3-14-2013RB760PXYQJohnTXOven not heating to temperature.
3-13-2013RB770PXYQTechINAfter heating, temperature drops, no current to elements.
3-13-2013RB260PXYQ0ChrisWAWill not maintain temp
3-13-2013RS6755X4W1TechNEWon't bake.
3-13-2013RB260PXYQTechTXTransformer out.