3-13-2013RB760PXYB-4JoannIDPreheats fine, but won't hold temp after that.
3-12-2013RS6755XYNRandyWAWon't reach temperature.
3-12-2013TechILStarts to heat but loses 220V supply after few minutes, but relay still clicks. Now won't cook.
3-12-2013RB260PXYBBillTXWon't reach temperature.
3-12-2013RS6755XYN0TechTXWon't reach temperature.
3-11-2013RS696PXYBTechTXWon't reach temperature.
3-11-2013RB760PXYB-4EdWAWon't reach temperature.
3-11-2013RB260PXYB0TechTXCustomer: Mary Quinn. won't heat unit - keeps shutting down.
3-11-2013RF385PXYQ1JoeFLF1 error code. Broken tab.
3-8-2013RB270PXYB0BobMDWon't reach temperature. Tab broken off DLB relay.
3-8-2013RB760PXYB4RickWANo broil, bake takes too long.
3-8-2013RB760PXDeannaNDWon't reach temperature.
3-8-2013LeroyOKOven won't reach settings.
3-7-2013RB260PXYB0TechMNReads 358 instead of the set temp of 350
3-7-2013RB270PXYB-0TechALWont Cancel, or respond at all
3-7-2013RS696PXYBLoriFLWon't reach temperature.
3-7-2013RB770PXYQ4Mark and TinaWAWon't reach temperature.