3-13-2013KEBS277YWHAnthonyNYNot keeping temp.
3-13-2013KEBI200YBLDanielPANo display, totally non-functional. Happened after a power surge.
3-13-2013KEBS277YAL2TechCA"shorted out"
3-13-2013KEBS207BWH2SteveAZF1 Error.
3-12-2013KEBS277YWHOStanfordCAOven temperature is not accurate, reads lower than it is.
3-12-2013KEBS207BWH2RogerWAbutton presses would cause improper functions. Reseating connectors fixed problem briefly. Now F2
3-12-2013PaulMIupper bake element not working
3-12-2013TechCOBottom not heating.
3-11-2013TechCOWas originally repaired on 323742954. Has sustained overvoltage.
3-11-2013KEBS207YBLTechTXbreaker trips when using oven. have turn lower oven on to use upper