3-13-2013GLEB30S8CBBHeidiDEoven wont heat in bake or convection.
3-13-2013FEB789WCCFTimothyFLF1 error code.
3-13-2013PLEB30S8CCCDebbieFLOven won't go over 280 degrees.
3-13-2013FEB789WCCGJeffMSNo power.
3-12-2013GLEB2757CSBHaroldALbake element will not heat despite being verified at 24.6 ohms.
3-12-2013IncCADim display.
3-12-2013PLEB30S8CCAShaharMILower heater band not working, no 220 V to lower heater, no error on screen.
3-12-2013PLEB27S8CCCMattMSwhen oven is engaged in bake*broil*clean, the elements do not heat. elements have been ohmed out and are ok, temp sensor has been replaced to no avail. you can hear oven cycle on, but then it cycles off immediately
3-11-2013PLEB30S8CCBTechTXWon't heat.
3-11-2013FEB789WCCHGeraldLAelectricity flickered a few times while oven was on. immediately started beeping and F1