3-13-2013RB760POXYB2TechTXdoesnt hold temperature, beeper isnt working and broil will turn on randomly
3-12-2013RS696PXYB0TechTXTurns on, wont heat
3-12-2013RB260PXYB0GaryPAProblem initially intermittent but got worse, no power to either bottom or both burners after 20 min. worth of baking. Also problems with temperature regulation.
3-12-2013RB270PXYB1TechTXtop oven isnt heating
3-12-2013RB270PXBB1JohnTXSlowly failed intermittently over many months. Upper oven no longer heats on bake or broil.
3-11-2013JamesNVOven won't get all the way up to temp.
3-11-2013RB260PXYB0RichardCOF1, F3
3-11-2013RB270PXYBRichardALUpper oven doesn't heat, everything else works fine.
3-11-2013RB270PXYTechCAUpper oven not heating.
3-8-2013RB760PXBB0TimCAGradual heating problems culminating in F1
3-8-2013RS6755XYW0TechTXOven Preheats, Bake comes on after 2 oven cycles.
3-8-2013RS696PXYBTomAZno oven
3-8-2013AmyTXAfter PF, display went dark.