3-14-2013LillianFLNo info provided
3-14-2013RB260PXBQ2CindyFLoriginally f1. now f3.
3-13-2013RB160PXYB6IncNCF1 F3 error codes
3-13-2013RB260PXBB1PatrickALF1 Error after self-clean. After unplug and replug: F1 and F3.
3-13-2013RM770PXBQ2JohnCTF1, blank display
3-13-2013RB270PXYQTechVAblank display, unresponsive
3-12-2013RS675PXBQ1TechTXWon't turn on.
3-12-2013Erik CNCDead.
3-12-2013RH770PXBQ2RonORF1 Error. Temperature probe reads 2200 ohms.
3-12-2013BryanFLWon't reach temp.
3-11-2013RB260PXYQVickiCAOven won't heat properly.
3-11-2013G.B.CAController failed after lightning storm. Visible damage to protection circuit and transformer.
3-11-2013RB260PXYQJimSCDisplay faded in and out, then there was a lot of spontaneous uncontrollable beeping after cooking, then gradually lost ability to consistently control temp.
3-11-2013RB260PXBB2TechMNBake relay doesnt close.
3-8-2013RB270PXYQDaleSCF1 Error.
3-8-2013RB260PXBB1MattTXLoud pop, burning smell, elements won't work.
3-8-2013RB260PXBQ1AnneMSF3 Error and overheat. Replaced temp sensor.
3-8-2013RB260PXYQTechTXOven won't heat properly.
3-7-2013RB260PXBQ2TechCAcustomer spilled water on unit.
3-7-2013RH770PXBQ2DougTXError code. Will p*u @ OHA.
3-7-2013RB260PXBQ2JonWAF1 Error and melted relays.
3-7-2013TaniaLAwater spilt down into control panel area. keep getting F1.