3-14-2013TechMNDoes not heat higher than 325, food not browning, broiler does not come on
3-14-2013SherylNCPower surge caused control board failure, now inoperable.
3-14-2013RX260PXYQ01TechTXNot heating at all.
3-13-2013RB770PXBQ1TechTXProblem is in sensor circuit, board not responding
3-13-2013RS675PXYQ0TechTXCustomer broke one of the tabs off of the relay. Also board indicates it is heating but bake element is not heating. Happens after board comes up to temp normally.
3-13-2013RB760PXYQRobertGABroil will not heat at all, sporadic heating to temp for bake. If bake heats to temp, you cannot change temp preset.
3-13-2013RB770PXBQ1Bruce TXFault code indicated the upper oven thermocouple was bad,but replacement did not fix problem.
3-12-2013WPLRM770PXAB0TechOKF1 and F3 error codes, keypad stuck.
3-12-2013RB270PXBO1LynTXF1 error code after about 15 seconds. Happens every time.
3-12-2013RB760PXB01TechTXF1 error no heat
3-12-2013RS696TXYQ02TechTXOven not heating, we went through a power surge and then it didn't work.